Where I am a musing, an alphabet away from a different meaning

Strange how a single letter can change the entire word. You think people are like that? Add an alphabet or remove one and boom its a completely different person?

Hmmm…..I think there is something to this.


About the whole reincarnation thing. You think somewhere up there these “things” are just begging to be born as human beings? Like little, shapeless babies. Crying and whining. “Please, please make us humans”.

Oh dude. What if its the other way around? What if the shapeless things are screaming “nooooooo anything but humans!! Nooooooooooo.”

I wonder if those things go to school and bring back report cards and have their parents say “my little un is gonna be a giraffe some day” or something like that.

One of the things I love most about nature is its cyclic ways. Life. Live. Die. Bury/burn. Earth. Life.

Of course if you question too much then you get kinda screwed. Actually you end up meeting this real dorky old man wearing a cardigan, who looks at you, shrugs his shoulders and says “hey. What do I know?”

Its true. Check your books boys and girls.


I don’t like the fact that grown ups don’t run. I mean sure they do if there is a fire or a park or something like that. But I mean run for stupid things. Like opening the door or to dry oneself after a bath or to a restaurant table.

Just run man.

Be a kid on a sugar high. Its even more fun if you run in the retarded manner that little kids do. Never in a straight line, with a little hop in a completely untimely manner.

Wait, where was i?

Anyways, I have not heard some new good music for a while. Give me suggestions. GIVE GIVE GIVE!!!! I COMMAND THEEE

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4 Responses to Where I am a musing, an alphabet away from a different meaning

  1. Sonal says:

    You should visit me more often. The other day a seniro fellow ‘scientist’ and I were, well I don’t know how to say this and have it sound like the innocent activity it was (but it was just this), rolling on the lawn. Having rolling races from one end to the other. Ending up with mud stains all over my clothes, and I lost. Another time I ran in dizzying loops on the bigger lawn on my way back from lunch with other people shoutiing encouragement. Or pointing and laughing. I’m not quite sure which. We can do both and top it off with some hula-hooping. And the only grass involved was the sort that manicured lawns are composed of.

    • kroswami says:

      oooo “rolling in the lawn” ooooo (seriously did you expect any better from me?)

      the hula-hooping sounds interesting though…..we could try it in the canteen, then i can wait for that hottie professor and totally impress her with my skill!

      also, i was unaware that there was grass of any other kind!

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