Time to Celebrate World Immaturity Week

Yup. All you have to do is (following list is obviously not exhaustive):

1. Laugh, grin, smirk whenever anyone says the following:




2. Use the term “cow pillow jig-jig” instead of “sex” (Eg: Lets go and have some cow pillow jig-jig”)

3. Use the word “retard” as often as possible.

4. Open the fridge door repeatedly, making every possible effort to catch the gremlin who switches on the indoor light.

5. Refer to all women as “kudiya”

6. Flex and then proceed to kiss the biceps at appropriate intervals (especially if you have no muscular development to speak of)

7. Answer every question with “Look who is talking” or “Why”

8. Make funny faces at people from the bus seat.

9. Compose a song with your fly.

10. Speak babese to grown up people (“How aaare you gonjee wonjee alle lloooo?”)

I should start my own public broadcasting service. In public interest.

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