Where I ignore

Have you ever ignored someone in a highly incompetent manner? In such a way that the individual who is being ignored does not even know that you are ignoring him or her?

Fuck. Happens to me all the time. Few things can be as pissing off or as bewildering depending on whether you are the ignorer or the ignoree.


They apparently burnt some effigies up in Calcutta a couple of days back. To display their solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Solidarity. With. Occupy Wall St….Calcutta.

Ooooh Cal, I miss you muchly. You are like that slightly dopey cousin who owns a music store with tons of second hand LPs and forgotten Classics. And a broken air conditioner and a creaky door which overlooks a crowded street where women sell fish in the morning. And a window high up in the wall which looks towards the Howrah setu and below which sits an old, shriveled man who makes the most bloody awesome jhal mudi in the world.


I am seriously considering making an effort to establish my family tree. I mean it is pretty easy to go back two generations but anything after that is pretty hazy. I wonder if I should do it.


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