Where certain things deserve their own post but are put in the same post because of my inherent laziness


This post. Or rather, to be more specific, the comments to the post.

Surely. This does deserve a special page of its own.

Perhaps I should make a website for it. Screenshots of the comments pasted all over the website, with the comments translated into a thousand languages.

Hmmm…its not like I don’t have the time. And the complete lack of purpose does appeal to me.



At number 2, Steve Job’s death.

I will miss him. No really, I will.

Pinky swear.


At number 3, I ran a half marathon. Yessireee. A fukin half marathon. That is 21 odd kms motherfuka.

Three hours and two minutes.

One of the most overwhelming experiences in my short, burp-filled life.

You know what, I think I will have a separate post for this. Am so fukin proud of myself it aint funny.


At number 4 (or is it number 3?), I have come to the conclusion that Hyderabad is like this really, really interesting city. On some sort of acid trip. There is this real chilled out air about it and yet the crazy traffic and the blinking neon lights and the parks and the expensive cars and the cheap pessarattu and irani chai and osmania biscuits and a host of other things just make it one of the most unique cities I have ever visited.

I munched into this delicious fish biryani the other day. The fish pieces were not the usual fried stuff but cooked in spices and all nice and delicate in the mouth.


In other news, I have realised that it is about time I asked Anne Hathaway out. Definitely about time.

I think this is what they mean by living in the present.

I have been reading this chap called Aimmuniddin Khan a lot these days. Well actually, as far as I know, he has only written three books and I have read them all.

Fuck. I don’t like it when I run out of an author’s entire works. It leaves you feeling a bit hollow and shit. Like you have just said goodbye to your friend whom you may not be seeing for a really long time.

Or like the time your parents dropped you to the station and you put in the last piece of luggage under the seat and then you sat down and waved at them through the window as the train slowly chugged away out of the station.

That last para should totally go in a Disney production.

I wonder what I would ask animals if I could speak to them……. I think I would ask a duck how the fuck it looks so calm on the top even while its wriggling its legs like a mentaal case underwater.

I would also ask a praying mantis whether he believes in god.

And I would ask a black widow spider if he would consider signing a pre-nup.

I would definitely ask a chameleon whether the bank people call her up and tell her that she can not keep changing her signature cause it gets real confusing.

Perhaps I would share a whiskey with an old turtle. Listen to stories of the times when they had no shells and had to wander around, begging for water.

Or maybe I would have a video chat with a squirrel but I am sure that bastard would keep running off and sniffing the air. I really do wonder what the fuck they keep thinking about “Where’s that darn nailcutter? Where is it? WHERE IS IT??????”



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4 Responses to Where certain things deserve their own post but are put in the same post because of my inherent laziness

  1. ‘stories of the times when they had no shells and had to wander around, begging for water.’


  2. QQ says:

    Re: Hyderabad. I have never been there, but the movie “The Angrez” is one of my favorites and never fails to crack me up and it has all the elements of the local language, biryani, Irani chai etc.

  3. relativelytruthful says:

    (also +1 on anne hathaway. i would date her if i could.)

    • kroswami says:

      @rTi 1: uffff, what man. no bio-o-logy you learnt aa? in olden times, turtles were like those fakirs. Fact.

      @QQ: Hmmm, ya I heard that the chap who made Angrez merely walked in the Old City and chose random people to act in the film

      @rTi 2: “+1”. really. a “+1”???? Goddamit it man, my vocab is getting so outdated.

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