Where the vultures come inside, so polite and always willing to wait a while

Of all the animals in the world, I really do think that vultures would make the most polite guests eva. It is something about them. So polite and patient. And more than willing to put up with leftovers.

I think this impression has something to do with watching Jungle Book way too many times. “So whadda ya wanna do?” “I dun know, whaddaya wanna do”.


Like the other day when I tried playing the mirror game on g-talk. You know, you repeat everything the other person says. It is supremely easy to do when you are on g-chat. Cut and paste. Simple.

But of course, and this was pointed out by the g-talk friend, the problem with the same is that you may enter into an infinite loop. Since it is so easy. Oh the dangers of technology.


I would not mind paying extra for bottled water at restaurants if they just did something special you know. Like I always ask for “regular” water. As if the bottled water was some sort of Lady Gaga equivalent of H2O. Break into some exotic song-and-dance routine in my glass.


I would totally pay extra bucks for that.

But, as for now, I can’t really differentiate bottled water from the “regular” stuff. Maybe they should dye the bottled stuff purple or green and then serve that to you. At least with bubbly water you know what you are paying for (“un agua con ges por favor”).


The very idea of creating a language is simply mind boggling. Just thinking about how bored sooo sooo soo many people must have been is something which just amazes me even now.

If people like me inhabited the world thousands of years ago, there would be no language. Everyone would be happy just sitting and sulking in silence. Everyone would hate every one else. Each one sitting in pool of his/her own grumpiness, making odd faces and spitting at nothing in particular every now and then.

Hmmmm….I do wonder (at times) how I would be as a caveman. I think I would do a pretty good job.


Odd of how no one thinks of living as a job. Earth is the office and your home is your cubicle. And your family are your colleagues. And you are self-employed (?). I dunno….kinda depressing thought actually. What would your salary be? Who do you ask for leave? Is there an HR person somewhere?

Do you have an exit interview?

Can you change jobs? Fuck.

This is more complex than I thought.


The Mumbai Mirror carries this comic strip called “Bizarro“. Simply superb. Like the other day, there was this drawing of a pigeon in an apron and talking on the phone and saying “Oh nothing, just opening a whole new can of worms”.

Totally cracked me up.

Speaking of which, it seems that Flo Rida is all set to perform in Chennai.

Some times you don’t require a punchline. Some things are fuckin hilarious the way they are.

“Ayyo thambi, why dont we all go loh loh loh loh”


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