Where I make THE announcement

I have now shifted from boxers to briefs.

After 10-odd years of letting it hang loose, I have tried the more “form fitting” alternative.

Initial impressions:

1. Not as confining as I had earlier thought.

2. Going to the piss pot is a bit of an initial shocker.

3. Surprisingly comfortable.

Other updates, if any, shall be provided for in the following days.


I am worried by the fact the blogsphere is crowded with over-emo punks, wanna be poets and people who cannot rhyme.

It is almost like in blogsphere, everyone is a teenager.

And I am worried even more by the fact that I am simply adding to all the hot air.

There is nothing worse than becoming the object of your own scorn.


I wonder what happened to Neve Campbell. She pretty much disappeared after the Scream series.

I also wonder whether grass and hills have conversations between them. Like the Hill will say “wonderful weather no” and the grass will say “Absolutely”.

Something tells me that they are wonderfully civil to each other.

Some thing.


I have joined a yoga class.

Every single time I walk into class I feel like I have just entered the stretching room of the acrobats who work at Cirque du Soliel. What the fuck man.

Some guy is touching his toes with his tongue and another is being all Snake Man and a third is bending his body into angles which would confuse the bejesus out of Pythagoras himself.

And there I am, paunch fully exposed, man-boobs straining against the fabric,  huffng and puffing as I attempt to touch any region south of my knees.


If that aint embarrassing enough, I am surrounded by people thrice my age who are all smiley smiley when pulling off the most complicated of postures.


And of course, the instructor has taken a special liking towards me. “You sir! No, you cannot do that until you have trained for a month!”; “Did I not just show you how to do it?”; “Why did you bring the shorter chair?”; “Are you feeling the stretch sir?” (She says the last one with this uber-sadistic grin.


But its okay. For all the dark clouds there is a silver lining.

Loved this one line the instructor mouthed off the other day:

“Don’t think of it as pain. Think of it as a different feeling.”

Bloody genius methinks.

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2 Responses to Where I make THE announcement

  1. You’re the coolest person I don’t know.

    Just putting it out there.

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