Where the pictures don’t speak a thousand words, those are called MOVIES you idiot

Pictures can be disturbing and thought provoking, as I recently realised.

Picture 1:

Have YOU met an interesting Hospital Ceiling?

Picture 2:

Is this an escort service front?


Picture 3:

French fries with ice cream = Icy Chips OF COURSE!


I know I live in a strange world but does this fact have to be so FRIKKIN obvious!


Premature ejaculation is Nature’s way of saying you should slow down.

Peeping Toms should be jailed but they always manage to call up their friend Lawyering Larry.

Perhaps one should be more of a moccachino and less of an expresso if you know what I am saying (you probably do not)

Purporting to begin  every sentence with the letter “p” is rather difficult and I do not think it is making you want to pee.

Piss off.


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