Where I realise that there is something terribly wrong with the world right now

There is. There really is. And I think I am becoming numb to it all. Which is sad. Inevitable and all but still a little sad.


Like a normally-idiotic friend of mine observed the other day,the problem with mobile phones is that you can’t really slam them down in anger. I mean you can still be rude and just hang up but it just does not have the same account as a full force slam.

Its true.

And this got me thinking about all the things which technology kinda fucks up for you. Like those automatic sliding doors. What if they were the norm in households? It would be so hard for the angsty, hair-dyed-in-pink kid to show his/her displeasure. Fuck. The loss of slamming doors.

That would be a cruel blow to teenagers the world over.


I would like my works to be translated. It would be pretty cool. I think translators are pretty cool. Like these machines which take in pigs and churn out bacon. Wait, there may be a more apt analogy.


I bought me some bacon the other day. Sizzled it in butter and had it with some fancy olive-studded bread (its called focacia but i think that is a made-up word). There are few things which taste better than crunchy slices of bacon in a home-made sandwich.

Gonna make me some pasta over the weekend. The initial plan of buying tomatoes and veggies and making my own sauce may be put on hold since that would involve shopping for stuff, something which I do not particularly enjoy. Or may be I will change my mind and make the entire thing on my own.

Hmmm…get me some onions and some garlic and perhaps some red peppers. Mash them up and stew them along with ripe tomatoes and watch it simmer and boil into this nice texture and then scoop it over the pasta. Perhaps even add some garlic soaked in olive oil by the side to dab the bread with. Oh and then I could sizzle some bacon bits and add that to the sauce.


A brilliant, dashing and amazingly handsome chap has written this AWESOME piece on this widely read website. Wow.

I am like his biggest fan. Like totally.


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6 Responses to Where I realise that there is something terribly wrong with the world right now

  1. Sroyon says:

    That post… it has Grammar! And Spelling! You hired a translator, didn’t you?

  2. Karna says:

    Na he is upset over something.He aint feeling funny no more ! I feel u bro, I feel you.

  3. bhavna says:

    I echo Sroyon. Did they tamper with thy creative freedom?

    • kroswami says:

      @Sroy Bastard & BhavAna: Fk u. I dont know what your going on about, there is nothing wrong with neither my grammer or my spelling.

      @Karna: err Please desist from “feeling me”. No means no!

  4. Sroyon says:

    Yeah man I can totally see why you got freaked out by this Karna dude. I feel you bro.

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