Where I sit silently in the darkest corner, watching with a smirk on my face and popcorn in my mouth

I like Corporation Bank. I have fond memories of it. The college had a branch right next door. My first “very own” account. There was a passbook and a cheque book and the mess fees were paid in cheques and the kind chap at the cashier would give me my withdrawal of 1000 bucks in one five-hundred ka note, three one-hundreds, two fifties and ten tens. Awesome. Felt like SOO much money.

The memories came back as I filled up a new account form.

And then it caught my eye.

In the KYC form there is question relating to profession where one is expected to answer by filling in the requisite code as per the key provided.

If your profession is a magician than the code is “52”.



I would love to fill in a “52”.


I saw a bunch of crows on top of a moving bus today. Like on the roof. They must have been 10-12 of them. Just sitting there, as if they took that bus back home every day. It was fucking awesome.

I like krows. I really does.


The best thing about the photographs in your head is that they are not limited to the visual dimension. There are smells and memories and all that.

I like that. The privacy of my own head. A closed room with one-way windows and posters of all the oceans.

Fuck. I wonder if you could paint the walls the colour of the oceans. And if the colours would change according to the time of the day.

I wonder if you could draw rains on those walls. Or whether you could cover those walls with mud so that when you press your head against the wall, you can feel the cool earth below your ears.

Ok fuck this shit.



I just slapped a mosquito that was on me lips. I missed.

I think I heard a snigger.

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5 Responses to Where I sit silently in the darkest corner, watching with a smirk on my face and popcorn in my mouth

  1. a traveller says:

    Apart from the fact that this one guy at Corporation Bank doesn’t trust me very much and makes me sign five times in a row (which doesn’t help because I can never produce a signature that looks identical in any way to any of my previous signatures), they’re quite my favorite bank too.

  2. Anil says:

    Crows on the bus, hitching a ride. Fitting. They’ve the option to ride a bus further on if this one gets stuck in the traffic. If Code ’52’ could work, then maybe transforming into a crow during peak rush hour traffic might make more sense. To be a crow, aha.

    • kroswami says:

      @dustproof: oh totally! especially an account which was opened when you were small and there is no frikkin way the signatures are going to match now!

      @Blowin in the wind: Man, me likes the way you mould your words. Very naaice.

  3. Free Spirit says:

    Wow loved this post.

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