Where the post finally see light of day, even as more than a few continue to lie listlessly in the skeleton department


Unlike normal days I have spent more than a fair share amount of time writing and re-writing this post (I would like to call that process “editing” but I am afraid that would invite pompous “you call THIS editing” comments).

So it is just going to come tumbling out. Like your breath after you have you tried some super tight jeans and realise that you cant suck in your breath forever and you might as well let the salesman know that you are one big fatty.

Here it goes.

I always drum a very similar tune with my fingers when I have too much to drink. I like tapping tunes with my fingers. Makes me feel so musical. And slightly deep-thinkerish. Or impatient. I can vary the speed but thats about it, the tune remains the same.


It is the act of undressing which is more difficult than the nakedness itself. At least that is my theory. I think it would be a lot easier walking naked in a crowd than actually removing your clothes one by one.

How odd.


The word “flow”, in my opinion (this is my frikkin blog, whose opinion would be here anyway), best describes thoughts and words. They flow. Like a river. I can totally imagine a stream of words flowing down a mountain and then rushing over tiny stones and coursing their own paths and then when it rains too much, the flow becomes so much more powerful and the words just rush down, they tumble down, carrying so much force that you are amazed and scared at how powerful the current can be.


An 18 day jaunt took me and some friends through Parvathi Valley, parts of Lahaul Spiti and one of the most beautiful and relaxed towns in all of Kinnaur district. It was pretty and it was peaceful and there was tons of hash and there were lots of photos but by the end of it I was tired. Which worries my since I always considered myself an awesome traveller.

Things change. They always do. And I think we spend half our lives wishing they would not and the other half wishing they did.


I am thinking of shampooing my beard. And oiling it. And combing it. And applying this “un-tangling” (???) thing called Livon to it. My friend uses it. For hair. I think you could use it for beards as well.

I used to use shampoo when I did not not have soap. Figured it would clean and I would be smelling nice by the end of it anyway. Big difference.

Bad idea.

I now have two carpets and enough hair to clog up a Texan drain pipe.

I hope you are eating while you read this.


Went to OP’s last night. Good Lord man! Think perfectly charbroiled hunks of moo-moo. So juicy and slightly tender and you bite it and the tastes just go ka-zoom in your mouth and you chew over the meat and you chew some more and each “chew” brings out the flavour and the smokiness and the juicy juiciness of it all and you realise why some would choose to worship the cow.

Also they had this bowl of cheesy fries which were heavenly. Normally I am quite stingy with praise for fries but these were absolutely tremendous. Think fries with a layer of melted, goeey cheese and you bite into it and your arteries scream “noooooo” but you don’t care so you bite some more and then you reach the middle of the bowl and the cheese is still melted there and you realise that being fat is sometimes worth the effort.


I is thinking of buying this phone. If you have any suggestions, please do let me know.


I is going to start looking for another vocation now.

Or did I mean vacation?

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