Where we dwelve into dwellings and other words which sort of exist but only in the minds of hamsters

I don’t think I would wear body armour. For some reason I think I would have to struggle a lot to get into it and then when I would eventually wear it, it would be all sweaty and tight and it would be impossible to adjust the chaddis. (Wuh? Can you pinch your chaddis through an inch of kevlar? I think not!)

I dont really know how I feel about words which don’t actually exist but sure sound like they do…. I mean its a bit like listening to a dylan song for the first time and that too on tape (remember those things?) so that you can’t rewind it and listen to it cause otherwise the batteries will get over and then you will have to go and buy some more cause your mom told you that she is not going to get any more so you better get off your ass and buy it yourself.

Anyway, dylan’s songs (more than any other I can think of) were always open to your own interpretation which (I think) just made them a lot more pleasing to hear.

Oh wait, I was talking about words which don’t actually exist. Like dwelve. I think its a mixture of dwell and delve and could mean something like going into something and staying there.

Or something like that.

Words which don’t actually exist. And the image in my mind is these “ghost” words which are somewhat hazy and you can only see them from the corner of your eye cause if you look at them directly then they just disappear or something like that.

If you take the airport bus from BIAL to town, you will pass by the Karnataka Seed Corporation building which is shortly followed by the State Sperm Bank building. Which just made me think.

And smile a bit.


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4 Responses to Where we dwelve into dwellings and other words which sort of exist but only in the minds of hamsters

  1. Jay says:

    Good to see you back!

    Words which don’t exist…you’re turning into Lewis Carroll!

  2. words which don’t exist and yet they can directly say exactly what you mean as opposed to the words that make you read between the lines. liked it, well written.

  3. bhavna says:

    you can shake your butt and scratch against the armor!… given there’s space to shake..

    • kroswami says:

      @jay-z: good to be bach…its better than being mozart

      @DS: eh? thanks though.

      @BhavAna: hmm thats not a bad idea. plus i could have that side of the armour a little rough so it makes a better scratching post!

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