What does real beauty mean to me


Real beauty? As opposed to what, fake beauty perhaps? Am I the only one who is sick and tired of this bullshit? Or should I not be asking the question? Am I biting the hand which slips money in my pocket?

Let’s face it. There are beauties and then there are the uglies.

The uglies are fucked. Unless they got tons of money (think plastic surgery) or tons of power they are going to remain fucked. Alternatively the uglies will get together and mate and produce another set of uglies who will proceed to partake in the same chain of events as those of their ancestors.

No one likes uglies. We all like beauties.

Anyone who tells you that beauty lies within and that one must look “inside” to discover the real you is lying. Or they want to get you laid. No two ways about it.

So please put on the make-up, do the lips/boobs/butts and wear those impossibly high heels. Pout your lips, act all helpless and wear the clothes from the fancy magazines. And then perhaps then you will be noticed and admired and lusted after.

Cause you look beautiful like that.

Please visit http://realbeauty.yahoo.com/ to pledge your support to the cause.

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