Where the piss is almost as warm as the beer

Saw a cop riding a bike the other day. The rear mud-guard had a cartoon drawing of “Mr. Lonely”.

Thought it was hilarious.

Also saw an old man taking a walk in the morning while wearing a Mcaffee t-shirt. It had the words “Hacker Proof” written on the back and I could not help but feel that it was a pretty fitting thing to wear.

I don’t like the alphabet “e” because it just gives such a nasty edge to most words. Add it anywhere and it just becomes a little more yucky.

I think that “e” is my least favourite vowel in the entire world.  I wonder how many vowels there are in this world. Must be tons of them.


I also wonder if mummies are not actually dead people but these weird, scotch tape obsessed people. And then they get up in the middle of the night and have these awesome parties in the pyramids.


What if pyramids are actually giant pieces of turd which have been dropped from the anus of a really constipated alien?

It would be such a jolt to the human ego if this planet was actually a piece of alien poop. Would give an entirely different dimension to the term “its a shit world”.

Or what if we are actually living in the intestine of a giant earthworm. Or a belching whale?

I think part of the desire to live inside something is that at least you are aware of the limitations and the boundaries. The thing which just totally fucks up my mind is that there are no boundaries.

Just nothing ness or some dark shit.

Really freaks out my mind.

The sentences are getting more and more disconnected. Its like friends which part ways and then live in the same city but don’t really meet that often cause of work and how far things are and then they slowly drift in separate directions and then they don’t meet at all but once in a while some common friend invited both of them and they end up standing in the verandah and making polite talk and asking what is the latest movie they saw?

Fuck me.

Fuck you.

Lets all fuck every one.

Sang the motley crew of nymphomaniacs on the morning of World Fuck Day. Even as they got ready to march down the city streets, waving placards and carrying condoms, contraceptives and a few kinky sex toys in their pockets.

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4 Responses to Where the piss is almost as warm as the beer

  1. Diagnosis says:

    Listen bud. I think you’re funny and all but you gotta pay attention to this:

    You’ve Klang Association. Its a psychological disorder that needs treatment. It manifests as an uncontrollable desire to think of eveything that anything reminds you of. Its not ‘neurotia’ or some self-gratifying romantic shit. Its bloody real. Its like piles. The longer you sit on it, the worse it’ll get.

    • kroswami says:

      gahahahahaha, you Lutherinians are bleddy funny!
      Klang Association
      man, Im putting that on ma business card.

      also, the “Its like piles. The longer you sit on it, the worse it’ll get.”
      should totally be on a t-shirt.

  2. Rahul says:

    Mummy fetish.

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