Where the pigs oink and oink and occasionally, when no one is looking, let out a meow or two


You think its possible? Like horses, when they are so sure no one is looking, have chats in English with a strong australian accent?

Or that ducks actually go “moooo moooo” when they are swimming in some remote lake and are surrounded by only friends and family.

What if everything that we saw is a play? And I dont mean it in the “we are mere actors” w.r.t. human beings but every single THING??

Oh good lord. One gigantic play. Where that mongrel who piss’s on the neighbour’s car every other day actually had to audition for the part. And that cat which randomly walks into my mansion, rummages through the dust bin and then gives ME the dirtiest look in the world…..well perhaps this cat had to undergo years of training in the New York School of Drama or some shit like that.

I would like to think (sort of) that everyone is performing a play for the audience and I is the audience. I wonder if you die once the curtains come down. And what happens during intermission? Is there a popcorn vendor in Life? And over priced soft drinks? And are there multiplexes and single screens?



Also, I was looking at my bag and looking at the zippers and how there are always two of them. And then I was thinking if the two are close or whether they can’t stand each other or whether they are some sort of siamese twins.

And whether, after the end of a long flight, they are real cranky cause of that plastic thing which binds them together and let out a sigh of relief when the plastic thing is cut open.

And then I was thinking of those bags with only one zipper ka clip and how it must feel. Or whether those are the super strong ones which can cross the distance on their own.

Oh and I was also thinking of how nice the night can be cause when you plug in the ear phones then you can really hear the music and it just sounds so nice.

And then there was something about garbage bags and why they are always black and whether that is some form of subtle discrimination and/or way to force the mind to always connect dark with rubbish or some shit like that.

And then I was also thinking that sometimes it does not take much for the world to suddenly become a fascinating place to live in.

Matter listed for Final Hearing. Me going. Not a chance in hell.

Going to be fun.

Wish me lucks.

Also, the “about me” page just got the coolest comment yet!

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2 Responses to Where the pigs oink and oink and occasionally, when no one is looking, let out a meow or two

  1. bhavna says:

    you clearly haven’t seen The Truman Show. watch it. go… find it. watch it.

  2. bhavna says:

    oh. and in you really want a rational answer to the black garbage bag question, (though i know you probably don’t) it’s coz it’s opaque. like. not much chance of the garbage carriers being forced to see the kind of shit you store in your house and throw away. and so that good little neighbourhood aunties won’t judge you for the way too many empty bottles of your preferred type of alcohol.

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