Full stop

For me a full stop will always be a nice, roly-poly hawaldar with a substantial paunch and a whistle.

Oh god.

Full stops must sometimes come under lots of pressure no? Like when you have this super duper long sentence with loads of meaning and emotion and all that and its just being reeled off really quickly….perhaps it feels like its facing an oncoming train. With the sole intention of stopping it. So it squeezes its (not inconsiderable) butt cheeks, closes its eyes and puts its hand out.

Or maybe that is a young, still green at the gills (yuck!) full stop. As they become more experience they probably become a lot more cocky and then, eventually, really calm and in control.

They probably sit around at the bar and trade stories about how they stopped these words…..or how they made the Prime Minister pause etc etc.

Wonder if they look down upon commas. “Hmpph what do they do, neither stop things nor start things…just a pause”

While the commas console themselves by reading poetry and thinking about the impact of a deep, meaningful silence.

I think the semi-colons are gonna get extinct. Either that or they are suffering from these major acid trips and dont really know what the fuck they are doing most of the time. Semi-colon. Fuck. It even sounds useless. Like half an anus, or three fourths of a intestine or something like that.



Another thing which babies and old people have in common is the lack of teeth. So when both of them laugh, they kinda look the same.


I have a friend who I admire muchly. I don’t think I have ever told him that though. Asshole.



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10 Responses to Full stop

  1. bhavna says:

    😀 true. i never thought of full stops that way. but true.

  2. how about those upside down question marks and exclamation marks?

    the interrobang deserves a separate post.

  3. Nitika says:

    As long as they are called full stop its alright. It gets uncomfortable when people start saying period.

  4. Jay says:

    Semi-colons are cool. They would be like the puffed up bureaucrats, mostly put to use in legal/official documents. And when you would laugh at/tease them, they would crinkle their noses at you, give you a glare and walk away. Like Percy Weasley.

  5. Alok says:

    Fullstops can be really annoying. Especially when used after headings and titles (a lot of bloggers do this, to my chagrin). Then there are those short sentences whose only important distinguishing mark is a full stop, placed there just to emphasize the terseness (or the snobbiness).

    Something like this.

  6. arzkiya says:

    Missed exclamation marks, you nit ‘!’ Probably an upstanding, laden with character, morally upright version of a full stop!

    And, its alright, cut yourself some slack! I always knew how much you admired me!

    • kroswami says:

      @bhavana: proper commenting spree you were on! thanks (I think)

      @artee fartee: the interrobang deserves a BOOK! upside down marks have just had too much to drink and are lying passed out on the floor.

      @Nitika: kahahahahahahahaha. true.

      @Jay-z: I dont think I would ever want to tease a semi-colon (even as I type these words, i is feeling repulsed)

      @Alok: wah wah. clap clap.

      @arz kiya: stay away from the camels you sick piece of turd.

  7. anonymous says:

    Semi colons are actually getting reduntant. But it’s kind of useful for those who write very long sentences, and who dont want to put an end to their sentences; however, they understand the importance of taking a small break and continue with a related thought as the previous sentence.

  8. Mumbai Diva says:

    hahaha. Finding your blog was the best thing i did today. it’s been a delightful journey reading till here. more posts shall be read tomorrow.

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