Where we stumble and fall into an extended family of cactus doing the salsa

I like how some trees do a sort of dance when the breeze rushes past them. Like the breeze is tickling them or something. And then the twigs shake like those people with that disease (the shaking disease; oh im so gonna get some love mail for this) and then slowly come back into their original positions.

I often think that stationery (pens and pencils and all that) would make supremely interesting people. All focused and determined and all that. I would like to meet the Highlighter, what an awesome superhero he would make.

Actually a Highlighter would just be an awesome human being. Coz whenever you would chat with him, you would instantly feel brighter and people would look at you more closely and you would swell in your drastically sense of importance.

Or of course, the Highlighter would be this cruel bitch who would make sure everyone notices all your flaws.

The eraser would be kinda cool, slightly edgy. Tired of people running upto him and saying “Can you please cleanse me of my sins”.


The good thing about a helmet is that you can scream and scream and shout and laugh and have this crazy conversation with yourself and people will just assumed that you are talking on your phone.

My friend once wore a helmet (with a black visor) while seated on the last bench of class. Will never forget that look on the prof’s face. And there he sat, raising his hand for attendance. Big fucking helmet over his head, looking like Knight Rider.


Oh I went to Bangalore for a wedding over the weekend. The couple gave me hope and made me once again ponder on the magic of love and the power of understanding and the willingness to do something for someone other than you.


It also allowed me to have this super sexy Tam breakfast and lunch. Banana leaves and simple, veg food and heaps of steaming rice and sambar and rasam and buttermilk and dosas and payasam and all the yummy things going in me tummy

I like airports. I really do. Perfect place to sit and observe people and make up stories about them.

This blog is just not getting the attention it deserves. Apologies Mr. Blog, I will be try to be more dedicated from now on.

Also Mr. Building, don’t you need a hat in summer when the sun gets so mean and how is Mrs. Bungalow up in the country. The kids (condos) look just like their mom! And what about you Mr. Envelope, how does it feel to have people lick you all the time? And do you get along fine with Mr. Stamp cause the two of you sure seem pretty close?


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2 Responses to Where we stumble and fall into an extended family of cactus doing the salsa

  1. Anonymous says:

    you sir, are a different dimension of funny.

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