Where I continue from where I left off while off remains completely indifferent and does not even wave goodbye

As in I continue walking while “off” looks at me and does not even bother to do anything. Geddit? geddit? Gosh you are dumb.

I simply cannot get over the whole letters stuck between the quotes idea. You think the quotes are condescending towards the letter, especially the non-caps ones? Or are they solemnly aware of their awesome powers? Transforming a simple word in to a “word”. Do they roam around the universe of letters in silence, hoods covering their aweseomeness? Fuck.

An entire universe of letters…..who live in little houses and have their own wars…and this one enlightened being considering the probability that there might be another universe such as his, except the letters look different and how cool it would be if we could travel to that universe and explore the different letters…..or would the letters of different languages all live in the same world? I wonder if Sanskrit letters would be considered sexy? Or maybe wise? The Urdu alphabet, for sure, would be uber haaat….all gentle curves and seductive shapes. Can totally imagine a lonesome tamil letter wanking off to that urdu letter he just got a glimpse of the other day.

What about Japanese? Very fuckin ninja!

Oh I could go on.

The other idea which got stuck in me head (and this is what happens if you consider “watching The Matrix” as a life-changing event) is the idea that we are all made up of words….so there is a Neo out there who, when he sees us, just sees words.

I wonder what words would make me up? Or you for that matter….actually not so much you, who the fuck cares about you?


The weather outside is gorgeous with a capital “oh my fuckin lord”. And, if you can, just hop onto Tilak Ram road (the one which leads to the Supreme Court from India Gate) and gape at the bare-branched trees on both sides of the avenue…wah wah what gorgeous it is being.

Saw “band bajaa baarat” and I quite liked the way they have shown the people of this city..scarily accurate in more than one way. The Sharma has an endearing smile and (according to resident expert Scoobs) massive potential in the booty segment. I think he plans to cyber stalk her.

Lunch was at Amici (not the Khan Market one so fuck you) which has these delightfully crisp, thin-crusted pizzas (oven baked apparently). You know, the ones which are like a cracker, sparsely coated with the sauce and covered with you-could-have-been-more-generous-toppings. I like those except I wish the cheese had been better and the sauce a little more flavourful…oh and it could be priced a little cheaper as well. Oh and could it be served by the Lady in White?

I have about Ten million books to read right now which makes me quite happy, the only dampener being that I bought most of them which means that I will no longer be able to go for that health check up I have been saving up for………..I’m quite sure I have a sense of humour, its just a little difficult to locate some times.

I Think I Will Write Like This For Some Time….okay fuck it, its too annoying.

Or Is It? Will You Like To Read This Every Day? Is Your Mind Stressing On The Capital Letters At The Beginning Of Each Word?

marry me.


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3 Responses to Where I continue from where I left off while off remains completely indifferent and does not even wave goodbye

  1. Rahul Saha says:

    Fuck off. Geddit? No? Moron.

  2. Jay says:

    I Think It Is Quite Cool. Small Caps Are Even Better. But Your Comments Section Does Not Seem To Allow Small Caps, So I Am Making Do With This. Actually, I Can Just Type Out Normally In Word 2007 And It Has The Option Of Automatically Doing This. But It’s More Fun Manually. Love Hitting The Shift Key.

    Ooh, Now I Am Getting Carried Away And Being Verbose.

    I Wrote An Entire Paper In Small Caps When I Was In The Second Standard – And The Teacher Was Quite Upset. Even Deducted Five Whole Marks For It.

    You And Scoobs Want To Visit The Taj Mahal With Us?

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