Where I realise that you get the friends you deserve


And thats the solemn truth with God as my witness.

Completely nonsensical chat with a very chaddi buddy of mine left this really strange image in my head: that of a turtle sticking out of someone’s ass. Or more particularly, a turtle’s head sticking out, the rest of the turtle would be inside.

The curious bastard, twisting his head here and there. Sometimes closing his eyes in disgust as he gets a whiff of flatulence…right from the horses mouth if you know what I mean. And the human being, just walking around in an awkward manner, with a turtles head ka outline visible in his pants.

Fuck. That would just be soooo funny.

And this got me thinking about all these gods which are half human and I was like why the fuck is the top-half human? Why cant we have a half-bear half-human where the massive chest of a grizzly meets two, spindly hairy legs with toes and all that? Why huh? why?

Also, a friends office has this “hands free” urinal thing which automatically flushes. The bloody thing has this red sensor which blinks while you stand and do the pissy thing. And the red light looks like a sniper shot on your chest.

It could be a little unnerving if you were drunk and/or suffering from some herb induced paranoia.

Thats all folks.

Good luck and g’night.


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4 Responses to Where I realise that you get the friends you deserve

  1. arzkiya says:

    I. Like. The. Title.

    • kroswami says:

      @Sroyon & Alok: you make me want to kill wikipedia
      or in the alternative……..you?

      @Quakes: Stop using this wonderful blog to promote the shit you pass of as a blog you fuktard….”ooooo im so poetic i use urdu in my blog title oooooo even though Im so british, when i shart little scones come out!”

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