Where the belt buckles and the horses act like parliamentarians

…in the sense that all they do is sit around and go “nay”.


Oh dear lord.

I would kill myself if I wasn’t this funny, I really would. I think I would like to be the first person to choke myself with my own hands…a violent suicide…and then rigor mortis would set in and they would have to pry my own, cold hands from my own, cold neck.

I wonder if that is possible though…..there is something to be said about the power of self preservation.

Preserves…..what a wonderful idea….I would like to preserve a lot many things starting from the rain….oh shit wouldnt that be super awesome…a glass jar of rain. And you could have different jars with rain of different intensity….so when you opened one lid you would get “pitter patter” and if you opened another you would get “boooom booom”….

Wow….that really would be cool…glass jars of rain. I would keep them on a shelf, perhaps keep the one with lightening and thunder in a cupboard and pull it out on days when there is no electricity in the night.

Someday I will make one of those boats in a bottle. Perhaps a raft…or may be even a kayak with a hippie in it.

I don’t like hippies too much. I don’t think they use toilet paper. Or any paper. Or anything.

I wonder what bees think about honey. Do they long for it, a taste hidden in some deep dark recess of their earliest memories? Or have they forgotten about it completely?


Trial court lawyers are the most harami in the world, the natural corollary of that being that trial court judges are the same.

The minute you think that you know some thing…….booom…you realise how much you do not know.

The fun thing about going to trial courts is that a lot of it is based on instinct and it is a lot, lot faster, complex and (most importantly) fun.

Like today, a dumbfuk appeared for the defendant and then proceeded to state “We have not been served”….motherfucker got forced into accepting service for all the defendants…poor bastard but seriously,why the fuck would you appear if you have not been served?

I got coerced into going for a settlement via Lok Adalat even though both parties had already settled the matter. The reason being that higher the number of settlements vide Lok Adalat, the better the presiding judge looks……sly bastard.

Thankfully, the plaintiff appeared and we mentioned the matter, got the statements recorded and it was dismissed as withdrawn.

Im just reading the words above. Bloody hell, its a different kind of language na?


Finished reading the latest translated work of one Shankar, this one is called “The Great Unknown”….. Interesting.

I dont like how similar it is to “Chowringhee” in the way all the stories from small-small parts of a greater narrative and how Shankar remains a mute observer most of the time…its a little too similar thats all.


An extremely non-productive Sunday was spent with me friends…or what pass off as friends these days. Bastards.

Its not like I want sympathy all the time but a little understanding would not be too bad.

For example, the sweetest senior in the world treated Scoobs and me for dinner the other day and we were discussing law firms and salaries. There is this firm which pays its employees a “salary” as opposed to a “retainership” which means that this salary would be taxable….or some shit like that.

And I was asking SS what a retainer was and Scoobs leans towards me and says…”Its like what you get, except they get a lot more. Much, much, MUCH more.”




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8 Responses to Where the belt buckles and the horses act like parliamentarians

  1. Niti says:

    Glass jar of rain does sound amazingly awesome. And yeah, the judiciary sucks. Big time. But then it is a cool profession to associated with, no? Gives you a sort of sadistic power over at least one party like all the time. Awe-fuckin-some!

  2. Jay says:

    You need a shrink.

    Yes, pot and kettle etc.


  3. Sonal says:

    You can’t strangle yourself to death, you’d only pass out

  4. spent one day at tis hazari. felt like i was in a tarantino movie, just with many more accidental murderers.

    • kroswami says:

      @Ms. Niti: I must apologise if I gave the impression that the judiciary “sucks”. That was never my intention; it would not be appropriate for a mere spectator to make such a wide sweeping comment.
      As for the “power”… I haven’t really thought about it like that.

      @Jay: kettle, pot. exactly

      @Sonal: pass out some flatulence?

      @RTi: one day is not enough, just not enough.

      • Niti says:

        Well, I really am sorry if I have in any way led you to believe that your post was convincing enough to have formed an impression. It may have been a rendition of the various views I have read about; but it wasn’t a borrowed comment, least of all from you.

        And about it being a comment from a mere spectator is not entirely true. So an ill informed judgement from a lawyer himself… not cool.

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