Where I realise that some things are better left to Fate and her annoying, pimply, sister: Chance

Yup. Its true,

“Chance” is this always tipsy teenager with horrible acne, a fetish for lollipops and a terribly annoying habit of starting every, goddam sentence with the words “But would’nt it be so cool if…..”

And Fate would be this slightly older looking woman with a calm, serene and eyes which no one could ever decipher.

And they both would walk down the muddy road of Life, hands linked at the elbows while Fate carried  a dainty umbrella by a gloved hand (the pistol would be hidden underneath the gown) while Chance pranced about, straining to be let go, making odd noises now and then and spitting at the flowers.


I love my mind. I really do. It is such a wonderful place where anything can (and frequently does) happen.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said of reality. Fuckin killjoy, reality is. I swear to god. Why the fuck man, why the fuck.

The Punju Aunties attacked me again the other day. Just as I was rushing for office. Fucking bullies.

I hate confrontation, I really do. That peculiar characteristic, combined with my innate cowardice, makes me wonder if I could have chosen a less ill-fitting vocation.

Perhaps a crocodile hunter. “aint she a beeeeauty!”


Two friends and me was discussing how the three of us are pre-Google. Fuck. Im pre-fuckin Internet man!

Though technically, those ARPANET motherfuckers were grinding out code before I was born but I was talking about internet as in hotmail and amazon and tomkat (oh please, you totally know what Im talking about)

I am pre-pager, pre-star world (with Small wonder kahahahahaha), pre-lion king, pre-…..fuck, im pre a lot of things.



The Punjus in da ‘hood went beserk the other day.Had a satsang at 6 in the morning or something like that. Some dude’s budday celebrations or something like that.

You gotta admire their dedication/devotion though. They really believe in it if you know what I mean.

And they love their life.


Oooo I saw that Jessica movie. Must admit I was feeling pretty smug while they were showing all the “legal” scenes. Pointing out the errors and bloopers and all that. Smug motherfucka me was.

Worth a watch though some of the dialogues were pretty bloody stupid and I dont like the fact that Ms. Balan was not given as much of the limelight as the bong babe. Balan is gorgeous. Wah wah.

And that kiss in Ishqiya…ooooo me good lord man! shooooza!


I love making up words and then screaming them aloud. You should try doing that once in a while.

Wakaaaaaaaaleeeeeeeee or khwouzaaa or something like that.

and when you get bored out doing that then you can pronounce ’em with an accent.

Yes, I don’t have too many friends.


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4 Responses to Where I realise that some things are better left to Fate and her annoying, pimply, sister: Chance

  1. Jay says:

    Hmm…what’d you do to offend the Punju aunties this time?

    Good post, btw; love the idea (and description) of Fate and Chance…you going the Gaiman way?

  2. anonymous says:

    Hahaha…great post 😀 Specially the opening.

    • kroswami says:

      @Jayz: Same old, same old….parking issues. those cows!
      and Gaiman??? wow dude if only I could….

      @Anony: Righto

  3. Jay says:

    Am sure you could. If there was anyone who could, it’d be you, and I don’t say this lightly – given the many Gaiman wannabes I’ve read. *pat on the back*

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