Where we all go round and round, a merry trip through purple hills and bright yellow fields

The sign “Keep off the grass” will always make me smile. Like always. Juvenile perhaps but still.

That and the sentence “I am like that only”. Poorly constructed and grammatically fucked up sentences are so much fun. There is the “what you did” and the “aye, just come off” etc etc.

For some reason I was thinking how some words would taste and I realised that I would not want to taste all of them. Sweat for instance, would just taste yucky and so would “puke” and “purple”. I am pretty sure “purple” would have a very artificial taste to it.

But then there are some which are worth a try, or so I would like to think. For instance, “yellow” would taste buttery and “crisp” should be a good snack with a mug of beer I would think.


Beer in winter is not a really good idea cause it leaves the body a little too quickly. But it still tastes as good and goes just as well with a bunch of salty fries and/or masala papad.

There is  place in Paharganj called “My Bar” which serves some fantastically cheap booze. I thought it was an awesome name for a bar. “Dude, so you wanna go to my bar?”. Just has such a good sound to it. All the waiters have “My Bar” printed on their t-shirts and even their caps carry the same name.

It doesn’t have that shady thing going for it though…sometimes you need a nice, shady bar to relax in. Like this place called “Blue Wave” near the railway station. That was one frikkin shady joint. You could barely see anything because of all the (blue) dim lighting and it was all so wonderfully stuffy and weird.

In Bangalore, a lot of the booze shops double up as “bars” where you can knock a few down standing up and leave real quick. There is this brilliant dirty bar in Vasanthnagar which has dirty plastic chairs surrounding tables and not much else.

I flicked a traffic cone once. I think its a guy thing cause I know of at least one other dude who totally agreed with me. I mean, if you are on a deserted highway and there is a bright, red cone on the road….you just HAVE to pick it up.

Flicked it and put it in the dicky and rode off into the night.

The cone is in my room now, one of my more precious possessions for sure. I plan to collect an entire series and then set them up somewhere and have my own traffic test/track. With me as the car. So I can go “vroom vrooom” around the cones and all that shit.

It is fantastic fun to pretend to be a car. Really it is. Or even a bike.

For the better part of a semester, this idiot and me would have imaginary bike races while sitting in the last bench of the class. I would inevitably choose a scooter so then I would have to tilt it sideways before starting.

I love the movie sideways though I dont like watching it with anyone. They seem to see a lot of me in that chap’s character which is mighty depressing. This unspoken silence lingers in the room “dude, you are so much like him!!!“. Motherfuckers.

I have been delaying a 30 minute job for nearly two days now. Must. get. it. done…..must…

I want a tent on a sandy beach and I want to wake up and smell the warm rays and have a cup of coffee in my hand and walk on the rough sand and realise that there are some things which you can never, ever have.

A lot of life is like sand no? Runs through your hands if you try to grab it too tight. Slips though the cracks until all you have is nothing except the memories of holding it so close to you.

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4 Responses to Where we all go round and round, a merry trip through purple hills and bright yellow fields

  1. eveline says:

    “Beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.”…Ben Franklin

    Beer is magical. It tastes yummy, especially on a nice hot day. And while beer is probably single-handedly responsible for some of my friends being complete losers, the occasional car accident and impromptu ‘getting it on’ in the car or the corner of bars around the world, I just wished that beer’s magical properties extended to healing India’s religious divide and equality in the delivery of justice.

    Can you actually believe it’s going to be *January 2011* tomorrow?! ::shivers:: Talk about the world flying by.
    Time’s already packed it’s bags and is heading out to hide out with my November. Can you believe I didn’t even get a kiss goodbye? Most possibly it’ll be found on a mountain top I visited during October and left a great part of my heart. Hopefully tonight won’t book on me too quickly. There’s a lot of this year I’d like to hold onto for just a little while longer. Happy New Year to us all!

    • kroswami says:

      my my
      you preach the TRUTH, lady!

      My time does not really fly by. And doesnt pack no bags either.
      Sits in the corner, makes imaginary lists of people it thinks are paedophiles and then goes to sleep.

  2. anonymous says:

    the ending couldnt have been put in words better than how you did.

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