Where the eyes are on the kak

The best part about playing badminton is that, every once in a while, I can yell out to my team mate: “Eyes-on-the-kak”.

“kak” is me saying “cock” in a ghati way.

In case you have not figured it out.

Fuck. You are dumb.

I wonder if chess is only made for lazy people.

Oh, the Calcutta High Court in a mildly publicised judgement has directed an air hostess to be reinstated after she was removed from flying duties for being over weight.

Apparently she crossed the “permissible weight limits” because of certain medication she had been advised to take in order to fight her phobia of heights.

Phobia of heights.

Wait a minute………..

It is so cold right now that my shorts feel like a fridge which holds a pair of frozen gulab jamuns.

I kid you not my friend. It is frikkin freezing.

But its okay I forgive this city.

In other news, I am going to head out and make myself a sandwich. Like a real, proper sandwich. The one with a thin layer of turkey slices, and some ice cold lettuce and slices of firm tomatoes and some cucumber and perhaps a bit of mayo and some salami and a rasher or two of bacon fried in butter. Might as well add in some pastrami and pickle and maybe some chips in the middle. And the bread is going to be slightly toasted so when I bite I hear that “crrrrrunch” of freshly toasted bread and feel the warm bread in my mouth. And the mustard will spill from the side onto my hands and I will wipe it on my dirty jeans and take another bite.

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5 Responses to Where the eyes are on the kak

  1. eveline says:

    I’ll be over at any moment…ha.

    That sandwich sounds so sinfully yummy! I’m never coming back to your blog again. ever.

    or at least not until the goodness [which my hips have banned me from] of meat and mayo isn’t in my face anymore.


  2. Jay says:

    So…did you end up making that sandwich?

    • kroswami says:

      both of you’s: Im so glad that you consider the sandwich the most important part of the post.
      what about some sympathy for the frozen gulab jamuns man???

  3. Jay says:

    You want a Zippo (well, a fake one from chor bazaar, maybe – but it’ll light up well, I assure you) to heat up the gulab jamuns?

    Sorry I overlooked that. 😉 The gulab jamuns meant for my plate are all nice and warm and in no danger whatsoever of getting frozen, so I kinda missed that part. 🙂 Plus, it is difficult for women to *really* appreciate these things – just like men don’t appreciate PMS. But women possessing more empathy than men in general, I offer you a Zippo.

  4. Jay says:

    But then, I am not sure if a courier company will accept a lighter….what to do…

    Should I get a book of matchsticks delivered to you?

    A blow-torch?

    Let me see if anyone delivers these things to Delhi. I think I may be able to order a kitchen blow-torch online.

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