Where I am rebel, albeit in a very secretive manner

I plan to wear my rebellion on my sleeve.

Or on my boxers.

Just on the wasitband, the words “fuck the world” or something like that.

Or maybe have the communist symbol printed all over the boxers or even have “666” written all over the delicate fabric. I would not want the devil to think he owns my privates though.


The life of a secret rebel is exciting. Super exciting.

Like no other.


I told her that if she did not meet me for dinner, I would have to kidnap her.

She did not seem too worried about it.


Went to tiz hizari the other day. Saw this man stand in front of a judge with folded hands and eyes filled with terror. Real, raw terror. The man was shaking with fright.

The smell of fear is quite strong. Does not take too long to learn to identify it. And once you do, you learn to work on it. Slowly. Chip and cut into the flesh until you have the person bowing down to your every wish, unable to even cry out because the pain is so great.


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One Response to Where I am rebel, albeit in a very secretive manner

  1. Jay says:

    Dude….that’s scary.

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