Where the pigeons are cooked in a delicate curry made with subtle spices and lots of love

So apparently the people of Assam make some killer pigeon stew/curry. Supposed to go wonderfully well with steamed rice.

I would order it so that I can have my revenge.

I think Bourdain said that the only good thing about a pigeon is that you can eat it.

Lunch at Jakori up at Assam Bhavan (Chanakyapuri, right next to Al Kauser which is another story) was surprisingly pleasant. The “parampara” thali, at 350 bucks a head, is kinda expensive but then you get two fish dishes, duck/pigeon, some wonderfully spiced (in the non-spicy “spiced” way) veggies, dal and rice.

I liked the dal a lot…like it wasn’t exactly bland but delicate if you know what I mean…something which you taste in your mouth slowly, savor it slowly with your tongue.

They did not have any pigeon, which was a bit of  a letdown but the duck was super yummy. I have never had a desi duck preparation before….definitely not as “gamey” as I thought it was and the curry was this phenomenal mixture of pepper and dark-dark things and just a hint of mustard.

Also, the thali is served with this massive slice of lime (it’s not normal lemon, its the one which bongs also serve and I cant for the life of me remember what it is called) which is to die for.

Yes. A lemon.

You see this is no ordinary lemon. You have to smell it and taste it and squeeze it over the fish and take a bite of the soft, gentle flesh and realise why this lemon is like no other.

The Assamese always struck me as extremely gentle people (which kinda shows how bad my judgment is) and I carried this misconception further while reflecting about their food. Nothing very flashy, nothing that will make your stomach stand up and do the fox-trot. Simple, delicate (yes, I think that is the most apt description) and filling.

Also, the dessert was this super-duper puffed rice w/ cream and liquid gur which was to die for. Really.

Crunchy puffed rice, dipped in dollops of cream and then covered in this delightfully fresh honey-like liquid.


I have decided that I am going to take ’em baby steps towards making edible food.

Recent purchases include frozen cheese n jalapeño thingies, frozen seekh kebabs, thums up cans (don’t know why but I just cant resist buying those), ketchup, apples, milk and a packet of corn.

Suddenly felt like doing the whole “The Rock” thing in the middle of the road the other day. You know, look around, raise the “people’s eyebrow” and yell loudly at the sky, “if you can smaa-aaaaaaaaaaa-aaaaaa-aaaaal……..what da ROCK is cooking.”

Ooo and another urban thrill discovered (except this is kinda limited to Delhi):

Take the purple (violet?) line going from Lajpat Nagar towards C-Sec.

Sit down and stare at the window screen opposite you. This works a lot better if there are people seated opposite you.

Wait for the train to cross lajpat nagar.

Convince yourself that you are part of the Journey to the Center of the Earth.

Then, as the train goes underground (and it is pretty sharp here) towards Jangpura……well you have to be there to get it.



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