Where I let it be, quietly shivering in the corner of a dirty room with no windows

Arrows are fantastic creations no?

I mean the written one and not the bow-and-arrow type arrow.

I mean think about it. Brilliant.

A line with a triangle at one end. And it is only because of that triangle do you know where the arrow is pointing at. Thought it was bloody cool, cause otherwise it would just be this straight line not going in any particular direction, you know what I am saying right?

If wishes were horses then the world would be neck-deep in horse shit.


I just came up with that.

I should have a genius moment. Or rather I should have a genius dance. Then every time I display my genius, I will know what to do. Somehow, jumping into a bath tub and yelling “Eureeeeeeka” just does not cut it for me.

It is getting so cold that I no longer switch on the fan at night. Otherwise, I like hearing the fan when I am about to go to sleep. It is relaxing. Kinda like the shaking and groaning of the train compartment as it rattles through the night.

All lawyers chambers should have butt massagers. Only for juniors. After all the ass-whooping which is unleashed during the course of a normal, working day, I think it is not unreasonable to expect some sort of official relief.

You know what I love most about women?

No really, this is what I love most about them.

The way they see through all my bull shit.

It is thoroughly endearing.

I am working on a highly confidential, top-secret project which I cannot even whisper about. In fact even typing these words may be enough to get me into some serious shit.

Did you just believe that?

If I ever head the team of top-secret things, then I will make sure that everyone can only communicate in whispers. It is just so much fun! You should try it out more often. Really, it makes anything sound sooooooooo sooooo ……..secretive.

And it works in all types of situations.

Just the other day, a friend and me were trying to decide what to order for dinner. And we were discussing the menu in solemn, whispers.

Fuck. you would have thought we were planning to invite Osama on Linkedin or something like that.

Sexy shit.

Lets see, what else would my top-secret Rules be…….of course there would just have to be a top-secret handshake/sign/symbol…..and then there would be a top-secret code word and perhaps a dress code of some sort….naa actually that would make us really easy to identify.


This is obviously not as easy as I thought it would be.

A few days ago, the boss’s car dropped me to a place pretty far away. And I sat in the back seat and watched the world glide me buy. And I stared out of the window and wondered about the busy people passing me by and I realised that there are some things which I will never want and there are some things which will, one day, be mine.

In other news, my boss has gifted me a book.

Its title: “101 Ways to Leave the Law”.

Subtle, the man is not.

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4 Responses to Where I let it be, quietly shivering in the corner of a dirty room with no windows

  1. Karthy says:

    Stop ripping off Secret Seven for your top secret rules! 🙂

  2. Jay says:

    How about a secret recipe for say, a cookie or a snack which everyone would have to carry for identification when meeting other members? Covertly pass on the cookie wrapped in a napkin to the other member. And when the secret project gets over, you can publish the secret recipe and make a million.

  3. Rorschach says:

    how about doing pelvic thrusts, Govinda ishtyle, to ‘kisi disco mein jaooon’ ?? (re: genius moment)

    • kroswami says:

      @Ms. Karthy: dont you have some projects to submit?

      @jay-z: i think you should take a break from all the drinking.

      @roraarachasdasdasd (sorry I cant spell properly): dude, that is not a bad idea…must go find myself a yellow pant.

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