Where I look inside and almost puke at the rotting pile of mountain high carrots and turnips

Oh I am such a terrible person.

Initiated polite conversation (for a change) with this attractive little thing who was also waiting for a matter to be called up. She was wearing that churidar thing which has just got to be one of the most erotic things ever. I mean c’mon. Accentuates the calves and looks all delicious and all.

Anyway, so I am doing the PC thing when I notice that she has a squint. But its not like one eye is normal while the other is looking the other way. It’s almost like both the eyes are not looking at you.

And yes, I realised this while I was talking to her.

So now, I am desperately trying to figure out whether there is a normal eye. And my eyes keep flitting from one eye to the other. Desperately.

And then things get worse.

My mind is such a fukin twisted place.

So I try keeping my head at various angles, the logic being that this would allow me to locate the correct eye, zoom in and then maintain the eye-to-eye thingie.


As a final measure, I introduce hand moments hoping that she would follow them and so then I could finally figure it all out.


Oh god, it must have been so obvious what I was trying to do.

FML. or rather fuk ma mind.


Religion and god tend to make slightly cameo-ish type appearances in my head. I don’t really consider myself an atheist. One, because I think its a little too simplistic and two, because it is just so hard to spell the damn word.

I don’t know what made me think of it today. Perhaps it was the groups of people hurrying towards a nearby mosque. The prayers had started and they were late so they were rushing.

Or perhaps it was this image of a bunch of slippers outside a church in Pachmadi (yes, the only hill station in MP, wooh!)

It struck me as a bit odd that people would take off their slippers before entering a church, much like they do at a temple.

It is probably the social thing which made me think of religion today. The idea that you are not alone (there is always a god) being reinforced by the fact that you are surrounded by your very own people.

There have been a few times when I have found something similar to solace in a place of religious worship but I am not sure whether it was more to do with the familiar smells and sounds rather than some sort of spiritual connect to another plane.

Who knows.


Nowadays before I go to sleep, I tell myself that I will have pleasant dreams. Or the kind of dreams that you cannot remember the minute you wake up.


If you ever get the chance to visit this old fort near khanna market, do so. Its wonderful and quiet and the only people who seem to go there are the people who reside in that colony. Its primarily a government quarter kinda area so there are not that many flashy displays of wealth and not much traffic noise either.

Actually, I dont know whether it is a fort or the remnants of someones tomb. I always pass it by and promise to have a look at it when I have the time.

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2 Responses to Where I look inside and almost puke at the rotting pile of mountain high carrots and turnips

  1. Jay says:

    “Oh I am such a terrible person.”

    I disagree. You’re too weird to be terrible.

    Do NOT say “takes one to know one”. I am paying you a compliment.

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