Where I am the Panda

Well….I could be.


I have this script of a short movie in my head. It is about a cannibal eating a baby. Like this baby is sleeping on this chap’s lap. And there is lovey dovey music in the background. Real cute scene. And the chap gently smells the baby’s head and gives it a kiss. And then smells it some more and starts munching away.

Sometimes I think I should be put down. “To end the sufferin”. Like horses.


It is that time of the year when I go blanket hunting. Last winter, I made do with a sleeping bag but some of the nights were frikkin cold. Plus, last winter, I did not have to get up particularly early (think 11 am).

I like blankets a lot. Specially the soft, slightly fuzzy ones which you can mold into shapes and wrap yourself in and all that.

I like pillows even more.

The only reason I would want eight arms is so that I could enjoy even more pillows.

I am told that when I was small, they would leave me on the bed surrounded by four pillows. So that I would not fall off the bed or whatever.

I love the fact that all these scientists and nerds are figuring out how DNA and genes work and all that shit. I mean it is just becoming more and more simple to blame everything on the genes.

I read somewhere that nearly 43% of all statistics cited are completely made up.


My dear friend (and close advisor) once told me that while scoping for action, his mind works a bit like an AK-47 being wielded by an enraged postman. He just runs through the office, firing blindly in all directions. Chances are that someone is going to get hit.

My other dear friend (ok actually this is the same friend but the mothafuka keeps changing his mind. Shit I must make more dear friends) once told me that while scoping for action, his mind works a bit like a sniper in Counter Strike. Find a place to hide, take aim. Slow and steady. HEAD SHOT.

I think this was the sub-plot in his greater narrative which attempted to link guns and love.

Loony bastard.


The social calendar is slowly getting filled up which is an awesome thing coz I am pukingly sick of eating alone at night.





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3 Responses to Where I am the Panda

  1. Jay says:

    You calling someone else loony?

    By the way, Kajraare is on its way.

  2. :P says:

    Image of Dear fraand shooting, I mean, firing all over office was slightcha disturbing.

    • kroswami says:

      @Jay-z: wtf dude. seriously. W.T.F.!!! and i had heard that kajare had already been released?

      @Smiley: luv the new blog dahling.
      fraand is disturbing. period.

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