Where the weatherman grins and bares it, a sickly tale of suicidal clouds and self imploding suns

Feeling especially old today.

My friend is getting married. Some one whom I have shared more than one child hood memory.

My friend’s father died today. A friend whom I have shared many a secret and much “wisdom”.

I don’t really know what to say and I have no idea what to do.

If I could take all that I have and place it in a box. And then take that box and burn it away. What would I miss the most?

And would it all fit inside a box?

I have always thought that it is a particularly feminine characteristic to try and change others. From better taste in clothes, refined humour, manners or even what dishes to order, there are quite a few aspects in which they feel as if they are the wiser party.

I find that charming most of the time though it can get a little annoying.

I could place all the sadness in my heart and place it in a little bowl, I wonder what that would look like. And whether I would have the courage to find out.

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