Where the penis jokes start and then refuse to go away, much like a…….penis?

Oh man, if I thought I was being unnecessarily targeted by spam bots earlier…..


So, why are men so much in awe when they pee?

Cause they realise the value of having life in their hands.

What did the drama student call his thesis on masturbation?

My Life: A Monologue

Ummm that is about it.

For now.

I think I will always find it funny to watch some chap getting hit in the balls. I mean there is something so bloody hilarious about it.

Especially that face which they make, and then fall into the ground clutching their gonads.


That is what the home crowd would scream when the football team of Nads is winning.


These are the bastardly children of the original nomads, forever destined for ridicule and shame.


Which is what happens when Gone with the wind gets a porno version made out of it.

Gonads. Gonads. Gonads.

What young Krekoslavian kids chant as they pluck flowers from the opium plantations.

Okay I am going to stop now.

For the time being

Also, be very wary of the shitty straws. Yeah you know what I am talking about. Those white, thin ones which stick together when you suck in too fast.

Fuck, it still makes me laugh.

You. Ya you.

Kill yourself.

If I could, I would make the words jump out of the screen and give you one tight slap.

Ya you.




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One Response to Where the penis jokes start and then refuse to go away, much like a…….penis?

  1. car rims says:

    Like I keep saying, I love my bots!

    ghost ride that whip

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