Where I lose it and the poor squirrels have to watch a fat, bald man do the disco dandiya in the middle of a parking lot

Yes. That is my new reaction to getting pissed off. Break into my very own rendition of the disco dandiya. Think sweaty gujju’s twirling around in a near-hypnotic state. Gujjus with a lot of bling and loud voices. Wondering where the khakra and the thepla is.

The heat and the traffic got to me today. Just totally pissed me off. What with these fuckin CWG the roads are like hot pieces of turd which you are forced to walk upon with bare feet.

Shit, I promised myself I would not bitch about the CWG. I mean Nehru Stadium looks so gorgeous in the night, all lit up. And some of the roads have been wonderfully spruced up. And there is such a cheap thrill out of darting a few meters onto the “Reserved Lane” and then darting back in again. Like playing “cops and robbers” or something.

It does not take much to keep me entertained.

The weather is definitely tipping towards winter now. The mornings are so gorgeous, and all you need is a pillow and a light blanket to go all polar bear.

I wish we knew where we were heading so that I could cut through the fields, take the short cut and then hitch hike my way to the end point.

I want to walk in a river. It has been too long. You know, how you dangle your shoes on your hands and walk slowly through the cold water and feel the water run through your toes.

And then you sit by the banks and watch the sun heat up your feet and feel the rough stone below your heels.

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2 Responses to Where I lose it and the poor squirrels have to watch a fat, bald man do the disco dandiya in the middle of a parking lot

  1. Eveline says:

    Sounds wonderful… I am right there with you on the walk through the river. I am plagued by the thought of it at the start of most weeks…
    My butt is dragging because of the temperature that has risen here and I haven’t been able to sleep. At All. It’s supposed to be friggin’ WINTER!!

    • kroswami says:

      “butt is dragging”
      and the image in my head is a set of ropes tied to my jeans-clad bum and attached to a few cows, dragging me away even as i am bawling about the injustice of cellulose!

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