Yup. Jaipur.

This is where I find myself after a butt-numbing 6 hour ride…..awesome.

If you do manage to come here, then take some time out to visit Mahaveer Rabri Bhandhar in Chandpol…they give you bajre ka roti (freshly made in front of you), a spicy sabji of paneer, aloo and onion and this absolutely brilliant (like post-it level brilliant) lassan ka chutney…red and super duper yummy.

So you take a bite of the thickish roti, feel the natural coarseness of the grain and the warmth it carries. You drag a corner of the piece into the chutney, scoop up the sabji and place into your mouth. And then the fireworks begin but its not that bad cause the spices temper each other. They put uncrushed, whole pepper into the sabji which I absolutely love cause you bite into the pepper and then feel the heat on your tongue and then in your tummy.


And then they give you this anorexia-inducing rabdi…oh my good lord. I mean OH MY FRIKKIN GOOD LORD. If you want to know how excited I am right now, let me just say that that the laptop is at a raised position right now. (ok tmi perhaps. sue me)

The useless scoundrel that I am staying with has an incredibly funny group of friends who meet in the oddest of places. The latest hang out joint is this tiny shed over looking an ancient temple where an old man will bring plastic stools and cups of tea/coffee. Surreal really cause the place is like a tiny shed and if you try spotting the setting sun, then the round top of a temple will come in your way.

Okay I know this is properly cliched and all that but biking brings a smile to my ugly mug shot. Like there were times where I would come across a beautiful curve on the highway and I enter the curve and lean to one side (not too close to the ground like a pro but more like a kaccha nimbu). And I can hear the engine rumbling and the wind. And the engine rumbles again and the curve has been dealt with and the highway stretches on and on. Calling me forward.

Moti (the lazy bastard who is also my current host) and me plan to breeze through parts of rajasthan some time soon. We have plotted and planned and come across a rough (really rough) pOa.

If you have any recos for places to see do lemme know.

Enough about me though.

I think that time was created to mess with your mind. Like there is no such thing as “time” but it was invented so that people would go crazy while thinking about it. As a sort of dangerous distraction.

Dangerous distraction. I would so love to be a dangerous distraction. The kind which creates accidents on the motor roads and causes weak arteries to go into over drive.

I think I should develop a swagger though it might come across more as a Igor meets the Hunchback of Notre Dame and less of that James Dean chap.

All movie halls should come with interactive, shape changing seats. Like they change along with what is being shown on the movie screen. So in tense moments, seat will clench to your bum and in happy moments it will jiggle so that your belly can shake with mirth etc etc.

I hate the food prices at the movies. What the fuck dude. 50 bucks for a fukin plastic glass of coke. I would much rather eat pellets formed by drying me pee.

Okay, so the imagination in my khopdi is not necessarily utilised for the best of things.

Dried pee….entire stretches of land devoted to the latest method of extracting salt. Fully green and environmental friendly. You would have entire fields where people would pee and then leave, waiting for it to dry so that the salt could be collected.

Am heading out now for another food-centric expedition. Think lal maas and lassi and kachoris and deep fried puris with delicate stuffings and the smell of sand and desert heat lingering in the cool breeze and a feeling that there are places which are so old and mystic and magical that you can hear the breeze carry on the memories.

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