Where the drunk DJ says something like Oh baby you make me want to drool so badly


Well may be those were not his exact words and may be too much tequilla mucks about with your eardrums etc.


I got an awesomely insane amount of money and I cannot believe how excited it is making me feel. I always thought that I would be above the whole money thing.

I think I will buy a dog and a camera and a backpack and perhaps a phone with a working radio and…..a penthouse on malabar hill.

Anyway, the burmese was exceptionally mean to me the other day. I was telling him that I wanted to buy a dog and he said that first I should learn to take care of myself and I said that I know how to take care of myself and he said no I don’t and I said that was real  mean. And he said no its the truth and so I told him that I will piss on his car ka seat cover.

Ok I didn’t say the last part.


The first 6-7 minutes of Dabaang are so entertaining that I felt like taking them out and hugging them. The remaining 123 odd minutes aint that great though the film does have its moments.

If I have a son I will name him Bi-god. Or Indaname-of or Tatti.

Who knows.

I took part in a “raid” on a company accused of copyright infringement and under-licensing. Can you fukin believe it???

The coolest part was typing out the details on my laptop using my 100 buck copy of ms-office.

Oooooo and I almost forgot to mention this.

Flying squirrels make me laugh my ass off. Like just the image of a flying squirrel, with its arms spread out. What the fuck do you think it is thinking as it glides through the tree tops? And what if it is ticklish? Shit that would be so unfortunate.

Every time the little bastard would gather the courage to “fly”, he would launch himself and then burst out laughing. fold his arms and fall to the floor.

Or something like that.

Flying squirrels. With a pair of glasses. Or those goggles which those chaps used to wear on old fighter planes.

Some times I truly feel that there is an entirely complete, royally fucked up world (full universe and planets and shit) inside my head.

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2 Responses to Where the drunk DJ says something like Oh baby you make me want to drool so badly

  1. anonymous says:

    Thank God for the ‘fucked’ up world….it makes an interesting read, at the very least 😀

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