Triple treat time


Guys, have you ever got the “stare of death” cause of something your friend did? Like you are just sitting there minding your own business and your friend says/does something real stupid and his girlfriend gives you the SoD? I got an SoD the other day, from the girlfriend’s friend. Wtf.

I hate SoD’s and I seem to get them all the frikkin time! They make my balls want to run away and change their current zip codes. Geddit. “Zip” codes. Fuck I am so hilarious I could die.

I wonder if there is some sort of latent sexuality under the term “zip” code. Surely, it cannot be mere coincidence that a term used to denote numbers which reflect your location is also the same term used to describe that metal thingie which prevents your thingie from sticking out? I wonder……


Went shopping the other day. Or rather accompanied someone who did all the shopping. To Sarojini. Apparently that is the place to get your shit. Impressive number of shops, great scope for bargaining. Saw a beautifully made wooden lamp with a bulb holder. Like you know those old, metal lanterns which old men use on the railway platform. Well just like that, except instead of a gas burning thing, it was all electrical and shit. 750 bucks was the starting price. I offered 300. His face told me to go fuck myself.

Oh well.

I am not good at bargaining. Or rather I only have two modes: Take it or leave it. I still have to develop that knack of showing enough interest to reflect will to purchase but at the same time enough non-interest to reflect ability to walk away if price is not being reduced sufficiently.


“I want to do dirty things to you. I want to taste you with my tongue and rub my hands all over you. I want to feel you in my mouth.” thought the 2 year old as he wistfully stared at the playground full of sand.

Naughty Naughty.

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