Where the familiar faces are familiar but not the real deal

You know what I mean right?

Those people who just look sorta like the people you know. As if they are the vague, third cousins of the real person. I think they are called dopplegangers but am not too sure.

Today was doppleganger day then. It can be quite unnerving. Coz you keep bumping into these sorta familiar faces. And then you stare at them cause, at this point, you still have not realised who they remind you of.

And then you stare at them some more. By now you have realised who they look like and now you are staring at them to see if they actually are that person indeed.

After some point of time, I started enjoying it. So this would be Uncle Tom if he were to become an alcoholic, and that would be Sandeep if he was poor and had an affinity for polyester shirts and that would be Miriam if she had got braces at the right time and a better plastic surgeon.

I like to think that I was made to sit back and stare at the world go by and make fun of it.

I wonder if you the world gets made fun of. Like perhaps the planet Earth.

You think in at the Planet Bar, Earth is the laughing stock? Like this round, blue faced bugger with a real watery disposition and a cool head. And cool feet.

I wonder if Earth feels like pissing all the time.

And I wonder if Earth likes his peanuts salted or plain.

I like ’em salted. But then I also like the idea of dipping apple slices in warm nutella and making my very own choco fondue.

I am going to cook one of these days. Like properly make something edible and its not going to be just an omelette.

Ooooooo. Omelettes. I love ’em. Especially the cheese ones which have this layer of cheese in the middle. I am in awe of anyone who can do that, get the cheese to be in the centre so that when you can take a bite off any part and it will always give you the yummy, goeey, melty-cheesy feeling in your mouth.

I should speak more about food I feel, I love it so much.

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2 Responses to Where the familiar faces are familiar but not the real deal

  1. Eveline says:

    This girl and I had the same last names. Sure, our first names are totally different but that didn’t make it any easier on our teachers because we looked almost exactly alike – same height, same hair. I checked up on her just a second ago on the off-chance that she was an advertising geek in B’lore, has two awesome best friends and parents who adore her thus completing the doppleganger like existence we once shared. She’s into finance and we kinda dont look alike anymore even though we’re twins. 😉

    I’d like to think I’m a great cook but often this means I must spend one to two hours cooking and then spend another hour cleaning up the mess I made. Yeah, I try to stay away from the kitchen as much I can. But the idea of trying to make that cheesy omelette you just described sounds great!

    • kroswami says:

      I think schools are doppleganger central.

      What the hell is an advertising geek? I somehow was under the impression that all advertising people leave uber cool lives, dress real well and have the wildest sex possible. Oh well, another carefully prepared stereotype goes down the drain.

      Make the omelette woman. Break a (l)egg!

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