Sad days and other things

Today, as I stretched out in my wonderful bed (I had been sleeping on the floor for the last few days), I realised that life is so short. And this made me sad. Like not my life but say the lives of moths and butterflies and ants.

Every time it rains, millions of them die. Crushed by rain drops and swept by the cruel rain.

Made me sad.

But then I saw a bunch of those cement trucks on the road. You know the ones which have those rotating things on their bums and go round and round and mix the cement or concrete or whatever.

I think I will buy one of those, fill it with water and take a swim in it. I have always wanted to take a dip in one of those rotating things.

Someone from Greece read these words. Awesome. Oh santorini and the newly married couple who were walking down the street. They both looked so wonderfully happy. Totally clue less to the fact that the crap is going to hit the tubelights pretty soon.


I hate that noise, almost as much as I hate “ewww”. Its not a word, bitch. Its a fucking sound. So why the fuck does it have an accent??

Fucking retards.

Its not like I enjoy the fact that I am so supremely superior to the rest of my fellow beings. Really, it is not a fact I revel in or gloat about.

To tell you the truth, it makes me sad.

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