Where the disappearances are a bit mystifying, like finding long hair on my pillow

Hair travels in mysterious ways I suppose. Like the whiff of home-cooked food or a particularly nice perfume. Or even the smell of warm olive oil.

“Teri Bhais kee ankh”.

That’s the latest cuss word me picked up. It roughly means “The eye of your buffalo” and is supposedly killer rude. Like kids have been known to get their faces smashed into the thalis for uttering the same during dinner time. Or even sometime during the day.

Can’t understand why one would be offended by it though. I really would have no problems if you wanted to mention my cattle’s eye.

Strange are the ways of men.

Take pocket billiards for instance. Why would anyone want to take the “long way around”. I mean if you want to scratch then you got to scratch right? I prefer the ridiculously easy-to-spot ball check. You know, the quick “are my balls still there” kinda movement.

Yes mucha, I know you warned me and you know I know that you know.

I wonder if ball checkers get freaked out when they are drunk. Like they do the ball checking thing, but cause of the alcohol their hand just hits air. And then their slurry minds go “Dude where the fuck are my balls?” or something like that.

I simply cannot get over my obsession with octopus. The other night I was thinking how cool it would be to have a conversation with an octopus. In sign language. It would be like learning the Mandarin equivalent of sign language. Eight arms and all that shit.

The same night (I think), I also wondered whether it would be cool to have ears a the top of my head. Not bang on top but towards the side. That way, I could get the back of my ears scratched like they do for dogs. I think that would be cool. And it would be beyond cool if I could get them to rotate  360 degrees.

The electricity gods have decided that my present discomfiture with the weather is not enough. So the “kaarent” goes out every once in a while. Between 12 midnight and 5 am. Wonderful. Quite wonderful.

The Scoobs treated the Gang for lunch. Wonderful place called the Yum yum tree. Unlimited dimsums and other stuff. Did not really pig out but I think there was some damage done. Delicious pork and some really flavoured sticky rice. I love sticky rice. And steamed pork buns with the sweet pork in the center. Quite delicious.

Lunch followed by a movie (A-Team. Fun. Like. Seriously. Like) followed by a few lazy beers at Cafe Oz. Followed by the super-duper kakori kababs at al kaiser. I swear, they are like paste! Filled with all these aromatic and yummy spices and just so perfect. Good lord, major drooling happening.

Nice way to recover from a couple of days of being heat raped me thinks. Just what ’em doctors ordered and the like.

Took a longish walk tracing a familiar route. Walked past the religious and the poor and the sweating families packed into their tiny cars. And the dust flew and the trees stared me down and the moon shared a few gentle whispers.

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3 Responses to Where the disappearances are a bit mystifying, like finding long hair on my pillow

  1. waltenire says:

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  2. Priyanka says:

    Wah, this post has a lot of… information. Pocket billiards related one’s been favourited.

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