I pretty much love anything this woman writes. Really.

If my head was a little more twisted, than I swear I would never need a rear view mirror.

The parent people have been out for a few weeks now and its beginning to show. The sis is absolutely pathetic at the house keeping bit although beer in the fridge is always a good thing.

Sometimes I think I ask too much from my friends and one day they will just give up and get the fuck out of my life. Till that day happens though……

Walking on old streets always makes me more than a tad nostalgic because there will always be some secret memory which only I will know about.

Wishing every one a memorable Father’s Day. Seriously. In advance. I think they should call it “wear a frikkin cun-dum” day. Or maybe that is whats written between the lines.

People who use the words “socio economic” in everyday conversation should be shot. Or even “pragmatic approach”. Bastards.

Have noticed a tendency of wishing people “have a good one” with respect to Happy budday wishes. Which is really messed up coz it is rather ambigious. I mean it would be more apt to say that to someone who is recovering from cancer of the nuts or something like that. Have a good one. One what motherfucker? And why just one? Why the fuck can’t it be more than one? huh? What am i only entitled to one? or are you just a stingy little prick? Is there some law which prevents me from having more than one? What the fuck man.

The little things in life, I take too seriously.

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4 Responses to Scribblings

  1. Mr. Mumblings says:

    i do too. dig pretty much everything that woman writes. she’s madly cool whoever she is ..

  2. Priyanka says:

    Oh wow. Mention. TWO mentions. I have already told Sroyon that I stalk your blog but this is too much. A mention. Wow. I think I’ll go jump around now.

  3. anonymusketeer says:

    @priyanka – you are a stud. A s.t.u.d.

    @kro – you also. little less, but. 😉

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