Rambling in a true and very particular sense

With RHCP streaming in the background, I kiss the sky and touch into the anger which simmers inside.

Raindrops will fall from the sky.

And the power of gravity amazes me once again. Rain drops.

You think they are pissed off little bastards? Nature’s own kamikaze pilots, diving into the earth towards certain death. Or you think they are pushed off by the clouds, little babies desperately trying to cling to each other. Desperately grabbing upwards even though the earth is pulling them down.

I loved the way cartoon characters walk in the air. Like when they still have not realised that the earth below is no more. And then they turn and look at you and their head becomes that of an ass.

Should get a lava lamp. Plug it in and watch the weird shadows on the wall. Perhaps a rotating disco ball. And a hookah and a giant bean bag covered with alligator skin and turtle shells.

Michael Jackson, for all his weirdness, did make some fantastic music. Liberian girl and man in the mirror and who is it and billie jean and bad and ghosts. Oh that was a fantastic track, Ghosts.

For some reason that song always reminds me of Zeenat Taman and Chura liye hai tumne. The way it is so frikkin obvious that she has no clue how to play the guitar but who cares cause she looks so fantastic.

And then my head goes back to yeh hai mumbai meri jaan and then if you see the video you can see a tram running across VT.

My grandmom used to take the tram. I think it used to run all the way to andheri but I aint too sure about that.

Before the entire reclaimation thing happened, the “local” ka tracks would run right next to the sea. Or some thing like that. And the houses near maidan would be rented out for peanuts coz no one wanted to stay on shaky ground.

I don’t think I have ever experienced an earth quake. In fact, I have never really witnessed the awesome power of nature first hand. Sure I have seen destroyed bridges and swept away villages and tons of photos and all that but nothing right in front of me. Some time back I did want to find out what the eye of a tornado looks like from the inside but then that kinda fizzled out.

Its amazing how fizzy drinks are sold. If you think about. They are not really addictive (okay perhaps a little), they don’t really taste all that great. Not necessary for existence or have any health benefits. Don’t really compliment any particular food, yet they sell. So bloody well. Brilliant.

I have long believed that brilliance is marked by the ability to distinguish what is obvious from what is not.

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9 Responses to Rambling in a true and very particular sense

  1. EvolutioN says:

    I totally miss the where headings.


  2. eveline says:

    Nothing like getting slapped around by a member of non-brilliance to make that distinguishment.
    The death of Michael Jackson blew my mind and I won’t deny the tragedy there. Besides the fact that this guy was could throw a mean move, his music was even more notable – Dirty Diana and Give in to me were my favourites.
    Here’s to a fun weekend with lots of outside time! 🙂

  3. anonymusketeer says:

    nothing is ever obvious. occasionally, things are more likely than not.

  4. Anonymous says:

    hash is not bad for you man. not anymore than the dust flying across delhi thanks to a hundred excavations/carbon monoxide emissions from thousands of vehicles/CFL emissions from a million refrigerators.

    trust me you’re gonna die no matter what you don’t smoke. might as well allow yourself a good time, sometimes. 🙂 cheers

  5. Anonymous says:

    that last anonymous is Mr. mumblings ..

  6. Anonymous says:

    and i posted on the wrong post. sorry i can be a freaking retard without ever wanting to.

    • kroswami says:

      @evo: subtle you are not

      @Ms. Eveline: Dirty Diana! or rather dirtee na dy na oh. Nice.

      @Musky musky (was getting bored with anony): a lot of things are obvious. Like ajay devgan’s stretch marks in that movie with kajol where she has memory loss or whatver.

      @Mr. Mumblings: Hmmm, I suspect that you might have been doing some good ol “cheering cheering” while commenting.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can’t believe you added a t to her last name, I have no words

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