Visitors not welcome

Someone accessed this blog by typing the following words:

“in crowded i dash milf butt delhi bus”

Seriously. What the FUK.

I often wonder about the way stuff travels in these technologically advanced times. Like packets of information zooming here and there through those red and orange pipes.

Wonder if they have the time to stop and wave to each other.

Someone on the radio said that if women ruled the world there would be no wars. Just a lot of jealous countries not talking to each other.

When I get really old and cranky I am going to buy me a nice little place somewhere in the middle of nowhere. And a big, mean dog. Put a huge, rude sign at the gate. Perhaps I could shape the house to look like one giant middle finger.

The wanderlust thingies are bubbling inside once again. Read about this chap who decided to travel in every single country in the world without taking a flight or driving. So I guess his options are public transport and walking. Gonna take him a year or so, I think. He is making a film about it. Interesting.

I think I would like to go on a sailing trip. Or maybe in a canoe. I like that word. Canoe. The way it sounds like the noise a mother moose would make while calling out to her child. Cunoooooo.

It has been a while since I sat in a kayak. Love the way they slide over the water. If you are good at it then you can feel the rhythm in your arms and shoulders as you glide.

Camels are kinda cool but evil tempered. The first time I sat on one, I managed to sit facing it’s bum. Which is probably why all the kids in the village were laughing their assess of. Probably.

Deserts. Sure, there is something immensely romantic about sand dunes and the way they shift and dance in the wind. And the way your feet sink if you try and walk too fast. And the dryness. The heat which hits you like and enters into your eyes and into your head.

Hash is bad for you. Like not as bad as meth and crack but a lot worse than ganja. Or so I have been told.

In the next ten days or so (actually I think it will probably take a little bit longer) I will take my first steps towards learning how to travel on two wheels of the motor-assisted kind. Pedestrians beware.

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