Be humble my son and you will go far in life

What bullshit.

In one of the more disconcerting “interviews” I have had the pleasure of conducting, the question posed to a young woman was what do women think of when they are screwing.

The answer was “well….most of the times” *major expectation building* “get the fuck off me.”

So there you go fellas. Hope it hurts.

Also, some times I wish that I had the whole Krishna chap with me. Like you know, in the Gita and all there is the whole “Yes Arjuna, but the purple water will not always remain still” type shit.

Or actually I would pay to just sit in that chariot. Chomping away on buttered pop corn while Krishna serves another layer of wisdom and deep thought. Damn, what if I could piss him off with my loud munching? Distract him, change the train of thought or whatever?

Somebody build a time machine. FAST!

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2 Responses to Be humble my son and you will go far in life

  1. this is why moronic women should not be allowed to watch sex in the city. they think they sound so smart when they say these totally pavam things. did you smirk and say dolly beti, you are so sad? i would have.

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