One liners and some which are slightly longer than that

Lines which have recently caught my attention:

“What would a rose do but bloom”

“Shit, I ate too much. Now I am food pregnant” (fukin hilarious)

“To compensate for your wait, here are some sweets”

It is almost impossible to go to a book store and not pick up something. Was feeling terribly rich so bought me a copy of Manto’s best. In english but thats what I will have to settle with until I learn Urdu. I always did want to learn that language. It sounds so beautiful and looks even more gorgeous.

So few people pay attention to how beautiful the language can be in a visual sense. I mean there are a few nutters who know the histories behind various fonts and discuss the same in a weirdly enthusiastic manner (I kid you not) but by and large, this bloody keyboard is slowly taking us  away from the hand written. Which is kinda sad.

Plus I went to a pen store today which had these fake ancient looking quills. Some of them were absolutely horrendous with flowy feathers and all.

If I ever have the money and am feeling in a nostalgic mood, I will go buy myself a fob chain and a watch.

Also, I figure it would be fun to set up one’s house. Like properly. Buy the cute mugs and the funky coasters and the mismatched pillows and a couple of little chairs which can be placed on the balcony and used for the sunday morning chai.

Oh and the reason why women should wear heels is cause they make that wonderful “clack clack” sound. No other reason. Really.

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3 Responses to One liners and some which are slightly longer than that

  1. mentalie says:

    i could never figure out if those things in the pen shop showcase were quills or hats either! btw, do you find horses sexy too? they go ‘clip clop’, which of course, is not quite the same thing…

  2. Karthy says:

    Yes people who like to talk about fonts 🙂 shocking it is! I dunno about the house thing…something about the whole process of setting it up – I think the enthu is surely likely to fizzle out before it’s done – i mean one’s its set up I’ll probably be ‘crap!’ I’d rather get something ready made and then change it around rather than start on my own. And if you only want to hear the clakety voice you need to get my fake heel shoes – they are as flat as they come but the pseudo heel noise they make! they’re a right fright in the library!

    • kroswami says:

      @Ms. Mentalie: hats? hmmm I would have thought they would look cool if you use them carpenter style, behind the ears. And actually I do like the “clop clop” of horses though I would not call it sexy.

      @Ms. Karthy: would you happen to know any of those font-obsessed weirdos by any chance? you have pseudo heels?? kee jaali!

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