If you ever do manage to go through a judgement of the fine courts of this nation, you will notice that, inevitably, one of the final sentences will be something along the lines of “no order as to costs.”

For reasons which will best be disclosed over mugs of (free?) beer and (manic?) laughter, it will be a long time before I read those words without vomiting a couple of chuckles.

Good, good, good day.

I am going to sleep with this massively retarded smile on me face.

Gnight and good luck.

Oh yeah and all my preciously saved-up earnings shall disappear in another week. That is three weeks earlier than expected.

Guess I will be doing the rounds at the friendly neighbourhood branch of the Appa-Amma Bank sooner than I thought.

Costs. Bwahahahahahahaahahahahahahahaahahahaha.

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2 Responses to Costs

  1. Eveline says:

    I know what being broke feels like. Especially having none of that stuff you saved up for months. I’m gonna have to visit the camera store to buy more equipment but I’m so broke at the moment. Will have to just stay indoors for another week. And it doesn’t help when the month has all 31 days! 😐

  2. kroswami says:

    agreed. 31-day months are bastards

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