Random Wish #5

I want a killer middle name. Like a proper show-stopper. Perhaps fuk-yu.

So then when I leave the room in the midst of a heated discussion, fed up with all the silly talk and they ask me who the hell am I, I can look back, before stepping out, and say my name.

“Kro fuk-yu Swami”

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4 Responses to Random Wish #5

  1. EvolutioN says:

    Danger. Thats a nice middle name. You can actually say “Danger is my middle name” when you want to make conversation.


  2. Karthy says:

    In Artemis Fowl, I think there were this pair of brothers with the name ‘trouble’ or ‘danger’. Quite cool name references that lent to or so I remember vaguely.

  3. Rahul says:

    I’ll say it – Fuck you Swami.

    • kroswami says:

      @ Evo: “danger”? Naaa….want something more exotic

      @Karthy: The frequency of your comments suggest impending exams/projects/struggles with the bell curve!

      @Mr. Saha: No, no. Incorrect. It is Kro FUCK YOU Swami. (Would be terrible to be introduced to your fiance’s parents though: “Hi mother, I want you to meet my future to-be. This is Kro FU swami.” Not good. Not good.)

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