Where they reply

Yup. They did. No great news but it still made me feel rather connected and all that. I suppose writing letters is not really happening these days. Perhaps I should sit down and write a few of ’em. Keep them in plastic bags so that someone can sell then a thousand years from now and make millions. “Mode of Communication, circa 2010 AD”

Word on the “street” is that the Delhi Police may now be in charge of enforcing the ban on plastic bags. One shop keeper told me that this would be pretty nice; in his own words “Delhi police ko khaane ki practice hai”. I like to believe that the “common man” is not as clueless as some would lead you to think.

It is a misconception that you cannot place a price on a human being. There are laws and rules which tell you how much money your family gets if you die. How much money to be awarded for loss of “love and affection”, for “future prospects” etc etc. The one I love the most is award for “loss of consort”. Yup. They evaluate the price of your saxy time equipment. Wonderfully comforting.

Spent a long, lazy afternoon exploring the streets of Purana Dilli with fellow loafing mate. Had Daulat ka chaat. Truly wonderful creation though now I want to have an “original version”. Perhaps I should go to Lucknow.

I guess what I love about this city is the way people embrace Life. Open hearts and open arms. And a few cuss words thrown in for good measure.

Have made a practice of storing ancient messages on me phone and going through them when I am terribly bored. Quite nice since most of them are real cryptic one liners which only make sense if the context is remembered. SMS trip down memory lane.

Buffalo ’66 is another interesting movie I plan to finish in the coming days.

Bought me self a kilo of peas the other day. The plan is to make some sort of sabji. Or maybe a soup.

Green piss soup anyone?

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5 Responses to Where they reply

  1. Eveline says:

    That chaat looks so delicious!!

    And i do the same with old texts on my crackberry. Go through them and thank god that i have a bunch of dorky friends who insist on texting when they’re drunk!

    I have ‘Let the right one’ ( a Swedish movie i think) to watch today.

  2. anonymusketeer says:

    why is it called ‘daulat ka chaat’? and why is it a ‘chaat’ anyway? Aren’t chaats savoury?

  3. kroswami says:

    @Ms. Eveline: Nice! Where do you get such movies from? torrent?

    @Anny: Quite tempted to smirk and say “These southies…..” but I wont. No idea about the origin of the nomenclature.

  4. Lemon Girl says:

    The Chaat is just about perfect on a winter morning.

    I have a bunch of old texts on mine detailing how to lose weight. Said texts are looked upon in moments of extreme gluttony, to very little effect though.

  5. kroswami says:

    @Ms. Lemonee: Yup. Someone sent me this in a fwd:


    subtle my friends are not.

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