And it begins once more, a round of musical chairs in a silent movie

That was the image which entered me head before I slept: A silent black and white movie which has this scene where everybody is playing musical chairs. I think it would be pretty cool.

Musical chairs was a budday-party favourite. This one friend of mine would just sit on a chair and refuse to move. Thick skinned bastard. We would get back at him by doing the dog pile, which essentially means jumping on top of him until you have a pile of human bodies. Strange how the concept of “fun” changes as you grow.

Speaking of which, if you have the time, go watch Funny Ha Ha. Made by some chap called Andrew Bujalski. Quite cool movie and I like how the entire film just seems like a quick glance through someone’s life. Like a documentary on someone who is only midly interesting. Not a frikkin Gandhi or whatever. You and me. That Bujalski has made some other stuff as well but I did not quite get that. Rabbits doing nothing and this one animation called Dumbland.

Back in the Dalhi now and there is fog (smog?) at eleven in the morning. Bit chilly though the city just looks so different right now. Quite nice.

Felt the warm moong dal ka halwa slide into me tummy as I walked back from the presswala. It’s sitting there, inside me paunch. All content and rolly polly in ghee. Relaxing in the intestine even as the Diabetes Watchman is sweating buckets.

Don’t ask me why but I just realised that if I was to be hanged/shot dead and the chap asked me whether I had any last words, I think I would say something like “Awwwwwww coochie woochie coochie”.

Why are you standing so far away? Come, take my hand.

Said Count Dikweed with a twinkle in his eye, as his lifeboat floated away from the drowning masses.

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