Where the Classifieds reveal a strange lub for H

I love “south india”.

Really. It may be the incessant head shaking or the filter kaapi or the fact that no one uses “behen chod” as a vowel. Or maybe it is because if you scan the classfieds, you will inevitably come across a decent offer for a marutHi 800. They tend to use the “h” a fair bit around here.

The people of Hyderabad (the few I have encountered) are incredibly friendly. And slightly mental. And they love their food. Which means I lub them. Midnight biryani at Shadaab and interesting chutney at Chutneys and sitting in the Old city digging our spoons into the incredibly cheap Mashoor ice cream wala. Or sipping Irani chai near the Charminar and watching this city breathe. Superb.

One night was spent in a tiny village about 60 km from the main city. Think old, rustic house with a smallish courtyard where we all sat and drank and laughed and tasted the sweet leaf. Think clear skies where the moon shines so bright and you can see the stars and you lie down and stare at the sky and wonder a little dream.

The bon fire and the flames waring your hands and your feet in the cold night air. If you stare long enough you will understand why some think Fire to be a living being. Beautiful.

Apologies are always a little hard for me. Making them that is. But I did and it went fine and I have found a little bit of the friend I had so cruelly cut away. There is only so much you can put away for another day. That rhymes.

Basvangudi is another interesting part of bangalore. This is where the smell of freshly ground coffee fills the air and you can taste the best dosa in the world. Or you can dig into the massive rava idlis at Adigas or just sit by the side of the road and watch the old ladies decorate their hair with the flowers. It reminds me of a slower, easier more relaxed place. Like Deewars.

Something reminded me of you today.
I wonder what it could have been.
Such are the things which not to be said,
Nor touched, nor felt nor seen.

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5 Responses to Where the Classifieds reveal a strange lub for H

  1. mentalie says:

    i hate the south indian H! my folks insisted on putting it bang in the center of my name two years ago. and my father told me to take it out of my last name (where i’d been putting it all my life…apparently without him ever noticing!) when i was 14! it’s been quite a messy relationship between my south indian H and me!

  2. EvolutioN says:


    Now you have done it.

    You reminded me of all my FAVOURITE haunts in Hyderabad. Check out the Roti and Kheema Masala in Cafe Bahar in Hyderguda. Yum and unhealthy. Brilliant. Check out the Mutton Biryani in Bawarchi on RTC Cross Roads. And the Biryani in Greenlands behind Ameerpet. For some strange reason, the food of Paradise does not quite appeal to me. Its the small bootlegging shacks next to the highways which serve the most lipsmacking of foods available.

    While you are at it, dont forget to get your ass down to Karachi Bakery and sample their Naankhatais. Yum. Cross the street and tuck yourself into faloodas. Oh crap, now I am hungry.

    Do gimme a tinkle when you are down here in Bangalore. We shall meet and do the coffee and food. The number is on me blog. 🙂



  3. Rahul says:

    I used to think that the south indians pronounce the “H” (I assume you are referring to “hech”) incorrectly but saala, Londoners pronounce it the same way. I like the Andhra Biriyana better than the Hyd Biriyani.

  4. Sroyon says:

    I went to Hyderabad during Ramzaan and Rao took me to have haleem at Shadaab. I have rarely eaten anything so good.

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