Where the world is an oyster and krow is allergic

So the pretty woman decided to get married. Breaks my heart. Almost.

Saw Ninja Assassin today. I do not know whether my taste is maturing or whether it was a really terrible movie. As far as Dik flix go, I think T-2 shall remain my all time favourite. Or maybe Blade. Or Speed. Or could it be Rambo 3. “Put dowwn yor veap-ons. Yu aaar surrrounded” Brilliant shit that was.

I want to go home now.

Said the terribly bored ET to the staring humans. The ones on the other side of the cage.

Finishing what I have started seems to be the hardest thing in the whole wide world. Random sentences strung together.

I like to think of these words as dead fishes. You know you string them up one by one and then hang them on a rope. I never really got into the whole fishing thing. And then the words just hang on, waiting to be taken home and cooked and all that.

Being born a vegetarian does put limitations on the number of hunting expeditions you can go on. I wonder how it all began: all this eating only ghaas-poos stuff. I bet they were the hippies of the cave men generation. “No cave man. Don’t hurt the pretty deer. Here have some of this fruit cave man. Good cave man. Now smoke this grass.” How stupid do you think the first vegetarian cave man must have felt. I mean its not like you hunt an apple down no? Bloody thing just waits for you to pluck it. Hell, sometimes they even just fall to the ground. “Bugger all this spears and shit!”

Ya the first veggies were probably the lazy hippies of the lot. Probably got laughed at. Or sneered at. “Look at those Oooga’s ahhahaha”. “Ooga” btw is what I imagine all cavemen to call each other. Wonder if they had any names back then. Could get mighty confusing at their college reunions. “Ooga, is that really you? It’s me, Ooga!” Buggers all looked the same anyway.

If I seriously considered it, I think I would prefer fishing in a river. The sea is for sleeping on the waves.

Oh the sea. Again the sea. There are places in this world where the sea is clear and you can see the fish at the bottom, swimming around and doing their thing.

I would like to imagine that everything has it’s place in the world. And then my mind turns to Douglas Adams and something to do with the theory that if everything has its place than surely no one told the car keys that. Or something like that.

I ramble. Its not that surprising actually coz in vocal conversation I tend to mumble a fair bit. Which is good since it normally takes time for people to take offence to what I have said.

Oh and got me a google wave account. You think it would be cooler. So far its just like a personalised fb.

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2 Responses to Where the world is an oyster and krow is allergic

  1. anonymusketeer says:

    read the liar – stephen fry.

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