This is patsy cline


This is Platsy Cline. The woman can croon.



Also I have now added a suitable piece of text on the top right hand of this page. Bought meself a mouse today. Damn, technology has changed the way we speak.

For some reason I had a flashback to the old Doordarshan days when occasionally there would be these public service messages. There was this one anti-smoking one which ended with “….and then i was a dead man” or something like that.

There is an article in last week’s tehelka about Itanagar. How it is becoming all commercial and stuff. Want to go see it.

Dreamt of sitting on the foot board of a train.

Had a very honest chat with my guru-for-life. Was short and crisp. Told me that for the next few years all you should do is learn.

Walked into a bookshop after the longest time. Wonder where the good bookstores of delhi are. And please dont tell me Bahri Sons dahling. I think I am officially sick and frikkin tired of Khan mkt.

Perhaps I should check out Pahargunj or whatever.  Oh yeah and if anyone has come across this book written by this young pakistani chap. Its about growing up in pakistan and its title is something to do with flames, smoke or some shit like that. Let me know what is called. Really want to buy it


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5 Responses to This is patsy cline

  1. kroswami says:

    u r god

  2. who cares about actresses and air hostesses. i am goddess.

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