Where the laughter is hard, like that thing you use to grind masalas

It is nearly impossible to NOT convert fake laughter into real laughter. I mean, sure there is the whole “oh how clever” polite type laughter which are reserved for social gatherings with fuktards and the like. But I was talking more about the evil hooo haa hhaa type laughter.

If you do it long enough, then sooner rather than later, you shall be laughing your guts out.

Something I have learnt quite often at the most incorrect of places.

I wonder if you can learn the same thing more than once. Or is it not “learning” then?

Something so exciting about learning no? A new journey, a new path. Something that you did not know before. So before you learn you pack your rucksack and make sure you have enough money and the toothbrush and then you are OFF!

Said the ganja addict Moral Science teacher to the sugar-deprived ten year olds.

There is nothing more satisfying than finishing something that has been your dream forever. Or so I have been told.

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4 Responses to Where the laughter is hard, like that thing you use to grind masalas

  1. anonymous says:

    but when u’ve finished it, it also means that you’ve also run out of your dream….

  2. Sroyon says:

    I like how there are no comments on your previous post. Which proves your theory that no one tells you anything, the secretive bastards.

  3. kroswami says:

    @ Ms Wasandi: thenks

    @anny: I see The Optimist runs strong in you

    @sroyon: my theories are always right. Wish someone would tell me that!

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