Where a debate is thrown up in the air, like that bouquet which no one wants to actually catch

I never liked the word “bouquet”. Too fukin difficult to spell and always reminded me of banquets. Which is another word I do not particularly like. I am sure that there are some words which were just invented by snobs so that they could snigger at people. “Oh look, he said booket! Heee hee”. Bastards. And what the bloody hell is with the whole draft beer thing? Why the fuk don’t you just spell it as draft you dumb sonofabitches?

I mean can you imagine how embarassing it is to pop into a bar with a girl you are trying to impress and then ask for drot beer? I bet that one was invented by the Waiter’s Union. Fukers could smile and grin and make you feel like a shit head. Or so I imagine, not that something like that would happen to me. Of course fukin not.

I curse a little too much sometimes.

The good part of hiding behind a cloak of indifference is that you rarely get sucked into an idealogical debate. People slowly start assuming that you have no point of view and hence don’t really go out of their way to see their point of view. So, for instance, very rarely will someone come up to you and say some shit like, “Ya property rights and tribals. They should get them no?”. Or even if they do, it is generally my stance to look at them and put on a Just Lit a Joint face.

Oh and if you like acronyms and the associated stupidity, you should give In the Loop a try. Super movie. Unlike The Hangover which is the shittiest Dick Flik I have ever seen. Or atleast one of the worst DF I ever wasted me time on.

So went to the German Film Festival today. Or rather went to the place which hosted it. Wasn’t allowed to see the bloody movie though. “Laptops are strictly not allowed”. You see I got a fukin bomb in there. The keyboard actually hides tiny sachets of anthrax which will be released at a pre-decided time. And worst of all, if you have a laptop then the next time there is a fire and (resultant) stampede, you may use it to thwack people on the head and save your life. In other words a laptop is a complete fukin safety hazard.

It is just so dum. Not dumb. But duM. The “b” is not silent, it simply does not exist. Say it once: d-u-m. More emphatic no? It is almost like the “b” robs some of the sting out of it. Say it again, you know you want to: D-U-M. See?

Anyway, laptop led to a trip to commie-land or JNU as it is also known. Long, ambling discussion about relationships, Copenhagen and what it means to be “left of centre”. Strange place, this JNU. A little too utopian for me liking. Pretty though. And quiet and cold and green. Plus you get “fruit beer” for fifteen bucks. Which is a good thing. Especially when it is nearing midnight and there is a real campus buzz around the canteen and people are talking and staring and just being students. Nice change.

There are times when she looks like she is about to crumble and all I want to do is hold her hand.

I was going to write about matrimony and what it means to have faith in someone else and what it is to love someone for the rest of your life. But that cloak of indifference is just looking a little too exciting. Plus it is kinda cold.

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7 Responses to Where a debate is thrown up in the air, like that bouquet which no one wants to actually catch

  1. Delhi Guide says:

    Ironically, I love the word banquet. This was one of the first tough words I learnt. It was also probably the first french word I learned.

    All thanks to Asterix and the Banquet.

    I’m learning French and they like to eat the bums of all their words, just like bouquet.

    I don’t know about the Romans, but these frenchmen are definitely crazy lol!

    Nice blog you’ve got here btw. Keep pouring in!

  2. If you want to know more about the “strange place”visit my primary blog and these links:

    JNU Holi: http://jnuholi.wordpress.com
    JNU Caves: http://jnucaves.wordpress.com

  3. kroswami says:

    @dalhi toor guide: “eating the bums of words”….that is how an ideal french teacher would describe it!

    @vikas: err thanks. Sure to check them out.


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